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Monday, 22 September 2014

#MasturbationMonday Week 3 - HERS and His Part Deux - an #erotic #excerpt from Hard & Fast

Masturbation Monday is Back!
The idea to share a steamy hot post about masturbation or anything else that gets you and your readers turned on.

Last week I shared a snippet about watching your partner pleasure themselves and what a turn on it can be as well as a learning experience. Last time our man Billy had just found a pleasurable release. Now it's Joss' turn with a little help and encouragement from the hunky repairman. (If you missed last week's climax click HERE

Joss and Billy are new lovers in that wonderful phase of discovery. 

Here's the blurb to set us up...
Josslynn Rossdale has dedicated the last ten years of her life making her sister’s dreams come true, and happily so. But now that Pasha is on the cusp of taking the fashion world by storm, Joss realises she needs some time apart from Pash to find her own direction. Temporarily breaking away from the fast-paced modelling industry, Joss returns to their hometown and decides that opening her own agency is the way to go.

An overly hot and humid summer season has kept repairman Billy Maas more than busy. But when he attends a routine service call, he doesn’t expect the most beautiful woman in the universe to answer the door, let alone allow him to service more than just her air-con unit.

But Joss isn’t looking for a simple fling. After seeing how happy her sister, Pasha, is with her husband, Lot, she wants some of that. Billy is fun and exciting, but their lives and interests are very different. So when Joss begins to have real feelings for the adorable Billy, she sees no alternative but to distance herself from the younger party boy—leaving the bewildered and lovelorn repairman with a crisis he can’t fix.

Excerpt from Hard & Fast...

Eventually, Joss stretched out beside him. Billy gathered her close. His blue eyes were luminescent, filled with satisfaction. But Joss’ body was still thrumming for some fulfilment of her own.

He rolled her onto her back and hovered over her, kissed her lips briefly then moved to take a taut nipple into his mouth, right through her shirt, but that didn’t last long either.

“I think it’s your turn.”

Before she could ask, he undid the button on her shorts and tugged down the zipper. She lifted her hips and he removed the garment. He then pushed her legs open and sat between them. His strong jaw tightened again as he stared at her cunt.

“Rub it, Joss. Let me watch.”

Unable to believe she was about to do this, Joss slid her hand down her body with deliberate slowness. Although she needed some release too, more so, she wanted to see Billy’s reaction. To drive him mad with desire for her. The way he watched her and the tension that built in him, it showed in his face and his body, making her feel so powerful. Like everything she did turned him on.

Joss palmed her mound—her fingers folded naturally around her pussy
lips. Billy gripped her ankles. Joss dipped her middle finger into her wet heat, and although it felt good she feigned a gasp, just to gauge his response.

His Adam’s apple bobbed and he gritted his teeth. Furthermore, to her delight, his cock was already stirring, showing signs of getting back in the game.

Joss moved to her clit, giving it a light tap. It sent jolts of sensation shooting through her midsection. She bent her knees, providing him an even better view. Billy’s lips parted while he watched raptly.

Joss began to circle her clit with the speed and pressure that she liked. Billy caressed her legs, much like she’d done to him. His touch was tender yet firm. But when he passed her knee and started to skim his fingers on the inside of her thighs, heat coursed through her. She eased up in an attempt to prolong it.

Billy stroked his thumbs firmly through the creases of her thighs. The contact made her legs quiver.
“Ya like that,” he breathed.

Still using his thumbs, he pulled ever so gently on her outer lips, stretching her skin, completely exposing her clit to her rotating digit. The feeling was raw and intense.

All artifice forgotten, Joss voiced her pleasure.

“Oh yeah,” Billy joined in, his own eagerness spiking again.

Billy tucked his middle finger just an inch or so into her pussy, then dragged it toward her backside. It sent Joss into a deep, convulsing climax.

Billy grabbed her knees, forcing them back, then speared his rigid cock into her spasming core. The room filled with their combined expressions of ecstasy. Joss striving to keep the exquisite climax she was experiencing going and Billy achieving his second.

Joss didn’t know if it was because Billy had already come once, or because of his age, but this time, he had longevity and he knew how to use it. Just when Joss began to come down from one orgasm, he’d pick a new tempo or pump at a slightly different angle and she’d be peaking again.

He finally started to thrust with purpose, and Joss was almost thankful. Almost. He collapsed at her side, struggling for breath. “Whew, you are somethin’ else,” he panted then rolled onto his back.

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Happy M - Monday!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Zarik #BookTour #Giveaway To Meet a Highlander Book One Kahleena MacCarthy @KahleenaM

Book 1 of the To Meet a Highlander series is now available on Amazon and in print.

Buy Links: US - UK - CA

Visit Kahleena: Amazon Author Page - Facebook - Twitter - Blog

Want to be a part a part of Kahleena's Book Launch Team? Feel free to email her @

About the book -

Zarik MacKinnon, soon to be chief of his clan. Stubborn, unrelenting and not in
need of love. For years he's been told by the clan's druid that someone will
come to save him. Someone for him to love. He's shrugged his shoulders and
continued on in his protection of his clan. Never wanting to be chief, Zarik is
surprised when Tsarina Fraser arrives and is said to be the one he must marry.
The catch? She's from the future.

arrives in old Scotland knowing her destiny. However, she never realized her
wedding could be sabotaged. Would she truly be happy in her new time? Would she
marry the right Highlander? Her fate seemed to be set until her brother and
their mutual friend arrive from the future too.

may only be able to ever promise her food for her belly and protection, but
Tsarina is determined to get him to love her. If she can't, will her love be
enough for the both of them and the clan Zarik will on day
Tsarina, Zarik, their family and friends push on to overcome obstacles,
attacks by neighboring clans, and to find their love for one


     “Now get yerself up from there this instance. I've worked hard on yer hair and yer dress. Stop feeling sorry for yerself. It'll all work out.”
    “I'm glad you're so certain.”
    “Tell me, we have a bit of time still, what else is on yer mind. I ken there's more to it.“
    “I don´t even know where to begin.“ Tsarina shook her head.
    “The beginning is always the best place, my dear. “ Igrid smiled and patted Tsarina´s back.
    “Well, I was happy to see my brother and Galen.“ Again she paused.
    “But...“ Igrid prompted. It had to be difficult to have mixed emotions about a family member. Especially one that you hadn´t seen in such a long time.
    “I don´t know. It seems he´s further complicated an already complicated situation. He´s been my only family for so long. And now I have this huge family here. Although, I know some people only tolerate me because of the chief and his sons. But, it´s still more friends and family than I´ve ever known. I love my brother. And I really have missed him. So, I feel terrible by telling him I won´t go back with him and Galen.“
    “What happens when he decides it´s time for him to leave? Has he not said he doesnae wish to stay?”

Find Kahleena
Follow the tour - All host links are HERE


Each week of the tour Kahleena will have a different item to give away. Week 1 is an ebook copy of Zarik. To enter, please use the Rfflecopter below. (Week 2 is a print copy of Zarik, signed if you wish. Week 3 is a chance to be a character in an upcoming book.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

#MySexySaturday Bangin' in a Limo! #erotic #excerpt

Our Sexy Romance ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors

Welcome to the 60th week of My Sexy Saturday.

The theme this week is our sexy romance. You know those couples who seem to have it all. The ones that jet-set around the world, drive the nicest cars, live in the coolest houses. Well…this theme isn’t necessarily about them…but it could be. 

This week, a fast and furious bang in a limo compliments of supermodels, Lot Reardon and Pasha Rossdale, from erotic contemporary romance,  
Gave Good Face.

Lot reached over and fucked with the buttons on the door panel looking for the one that would raise the smoked partition between the two compartments of the limo. As soon as he found it and the soft wurr sound made it obvious that they had some privacy, Pash unfastened his trousers as he fumbled to move her panties out of their way. “Just give it a pull, love,” she panted.

Christ he loved how fast she got worked up. She was wearing some kind of teddy type lingerie with snaps at the juncture. With three soft pops, he was fingertip deep in supple wet pussy. She rocked her slit over his hand while still kissing him hungrily.

“We’re about three minutes away from the cut off that will take us to the terminal,” the driver piped in over the sound system giving them plenty of warning.

Lot shuffled his butt, the leather creaking. “Uhhh, thank you,” he gritted through his teeth. “Well, he knows exactly what’s going on back here.”

“Who cares? Three minutes?” Pasha all but whined, guiding Lot’s cock to her waiting pussy. She sunk down on him—her tight walls closing in around him had his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

She tossed her blonde head back, her mouth opened on a long moan, and she began that radiant up and down motion. Lot joined her, digging his fists into the car seat for leverage. He thrust his hips, plunging deep, determined to make her come before they reached their destination.

They hit a bump in the roadway. The car dove, causing them to lose their footing, so to speak, and Pasha came down on him hard, planting him right to the hilt. It caused an instantaneous reaction in them both.


 Totally Bound     Amazon Canada     Amazon UK     Amazon US     All Romance    Nook    Kobo

I hope you enjoyed this snip from Gave Good Face. Don't forget to check out the rest of the MSS authors from the linky list below.

Have a Sexy Saturday!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Stop Resisting! #FreeRead The first 3 Chapters of SWAP #erotic #romance

 Stop Resisting!
It feels so good when you do...

 In love with one brother...married to the other...

A couple weeks ago, I shared some news, that I've asked my pub for the rights to SWAP back and for the last couple of Thursdays, I've been sharing a few chapters from what was my debut novel and first erotic contemporary romance. ( If you'd like to catch up or need a refresher find Chapter One HERE and  Chapter Two HERE )

Hailey has had a crush on her hunky brother-in-law, Mike, for years. In this chapter, things really heat up between the forbidden lovers, when Hailey discovers her feelings just might not be one-sided.
Here's the blurb:

 Hailey Hollinger has it all—a great husband, a fantastic career in journalism, good friends…and one hot brother-in-law that won't stay out of her fantasies.
When Hailey Hollinger was eighteen she thought her boyfriend, Brent, was the best-looking guy around. That was until he introduced her to his older brother, Mike. From that moment on she had the biggest crush on him and he became the star of all her teenage fantasies.

Hailey's all grown up now and has been married to Brent for three years. They have great careers, a nice house—they enjoy life and each other. Everything is supposed to be perfect. Except for that pesky little infatuation with her husband's brother has never completely gone away.

A crush, by nature and definition, is supposed to be short-lived and should diminish over time. But, unfortunately for Hailey, it hasn't, and it is beginning to mess with what she thinks should be perfection. And if her life is so great, why does she then find herself groping her brother-in-law in the cab of his truck like some sex-starved teenager? And the biggest question yet—why is he groping her right back?

Chapter Three

We sat across from each other in the restaurant. The waitress came over. “Can I start you off with something from the bar?”

“No, thanks. I’ll just have coffee,” I said, still cool from the night air at the track.

Mike paused.

“What?” I asked.

“I feel like another beer.”

“Really?” I was surprised. “Go ahead.”

“Bring whatever you got on tap,” he said to the waitress.

“Great. I’ll bring back menus.”

I watched him across the table. “I can’t believe you trust me to drive your truck.”

He sat back and looked over at me, his eyes seeming somewhat unfocused. “I trust you with everything I got.”

He shouldn’t. I’d jump all over everything he had if he gave me any indication he would reciprocate. And I wouldn’t think about the ones we were hurting until after.

It was official. I was going to hell.

“Brent hates it when I drive the car. Or the truck, for that matter.”

“It’s only a truck.”

The waitress returned with our drinks. We looked over the menus and ordered. We made small talk until the food came and Mike asked for another beer.

“So what are you working on this week, Hails?” he asked, digging into his lasagne.

“I have a deadline on Wednesday, a piece on the economy, and then Thursday I have an article due on the lost eighties.”

He laughed. “Wow, those two topics couldn’t be any further apart.”

“Yeah, I know. One’s for a political website and the other is for a women’s magazine. How ‘bout you? What’s your week shaping up like?”

“Same as every week.” He sounded dejected by the prospect. I could tell he was talking about his construction job rather than his photography.

I was about to ask him if he’d taken any good shots lately when he put his fork down.

“I registered a business name yesterday.”

“You did? That’s fantastic, Mike. I’m so excited for you! Do you have anything lined up yet?”

“Nothing important.”

“So what name did you settle on?” We’d traded names back and forth a couple of times trying to come up with the perfect fit.

He smirked. “Guess.”

I rolled my eyes. I figured he’d take the safe route. “Don’t tell me. ‘Mike’s Imagery’.”

“Am I that transparent?”

“No. You’re just…”

“Safe. Predictable. Not willing to take a risk?”

“That’s not true, or you wouldn’t have struck out on your own.”
He reached into his shirt pocket and handed me a business card.

I smiled as I read it. “Oh, you liar. ‘Mike’s Imagery’, my ass!”

He smiled back. “You came up with the name, my journalistic friend. Now I need a slogan for my website.”

“’Imagery Menagerie’,” I read out the name, and added, “Pictures for sale or rent.” I didn’t think it was very good. I’d have to work on a better catchphrase.

“Yeah, I like that,” he said.

“I hope you didn’t print up a whole lot of these. The slogan, whatever you decide on, should go on there too.”

“I only made that one. For you.”

“Really? Thank you.” I felt my face grow warm.

“I really have to photograph that blush,” he teased.

“Don’t bother. Besides you have all our wedding pictures.”

He sobered. “I haven’t told anybody about this but you.”

“Not Cheryl?” He shook his head. “Not Brent?” Negative again.

“No. You get it. I knew that you’d be just as excited for me as I am myself.”

“Just wait until you sell your first photograph.”

“I remember when you sold your first article. It was a big deal.”

I hadn’t even been aware that he knew when I’d sold my first article. I’d still been in college. I’d had things in the school paper and the local papers, but I was pretty proud of that first one I’d sold to a national publication. It had opened up a whole new world for me and got me some recognition.

“You know, you could do me a favour. If you have something on file that might work for my eighties article, I’d love to be your first paying client. Byline by Hailey Hollinger, Photo by Mike Hollinger. Sounds good, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, sounds great. I don’t know if I have anything on file that would work. I’ll have to look. Unless some lousy school pictures of me with bad hair will do.”

“Mmm, I’ve seen those. No rat-tail, no earring, no Mohawk or spiky hair. I was thinking more of leggings and lace, pop music, bangles and bows.”

“Then you’ll have to be my model. I’ve got nothing like that.”

I had a momentary flash of my latest fantasy—posing for him in barely-there lingerie.

“Yeah, that’s gonna happen,” I said sarcastically. “I don’t have anything eighties.”

“Yeah, you were more of a nineties meets the new millennium girl, weren’t you? More Coldplay, CDs and cell phones.” He shook his head. “You were so young when you started coming around.”

“I was not. I was an adult. Practically.”

He chuckled. “You were a baby. Compared to me at least, you were.”

“Seven years is not that big a difference.” I’d had this argument with myself many times.

“No, not now, it isn’t.” He drained his beer, caught the eye of the waitress and signalled for another.

Not now. What did he mean by that?

His gaze settled back on mine. “So we’ll hunt up some denim and some bangles, lacy crop tops and you’ll be my eighties model.”

I started to shake my head. I was awkward just trying to talk—I couldn’t imagine being in the centre of Mike’s viewfinder. The wedding pictures had been tough enough. But at least, then, I’d had a thousand other things on my mind.

“Oh, come on. Teased hair, tons of makeup—no one will ever even know it’s you. Don’t you want to be my first client?”

“Of course I do. But I don’t want to be a model.”

I stuffed some pasta into my mouth and chewed quickly, then scrambled to change the subject. “You know, I have a lot of contacts. If it’s all right with you, I can get your name out there. Depending how busy you want to be, I think I could drum you up a little business. Or a lot. Get some buzz around your name.”

“Anything you could send my way. My long-term goal is to quit my day job and do this full-time.”

“Done.” I smiled.

He reached across the table and touched the back of my hand, somewhat awkwardly at first, before he wrapped his fingers around my palm. My heart started to pound. “Thanks, Hails. You are my biggest supporter. I’m not sure I would have done this if you hadn’t pushed me.”

“Pushed you?” I felt a moment of alarm. “Did I push you?”

“No. No, not in a bad way. You encouraged me. You made me enthusiastic about it. You made me realise that my pictures might be as good as I thought they were. Cheryl only cares about the money. She doesn’t care how I earn it, just as long as I do. The more, the better. She doesn’t think I’m good enough to make a living at this. At least not the living we’re used to.”

“That’s not true. One photo could earn you thousands. And, once people see what you can do, I know you’ll be in demand. You have such an eye for detail.”

“See, my biggest fan.” He looked away. “Cheryl booked me a bunch of baby portraits for this week.”

“Oh, my God! Don’t do that. You don’t want to be known as a wedding or portrait photographer. Why would she do that? That’s not what your business is about!”

“And that, right there, is why I didn’t tell her that I registered a business name—and why I did tell you. You get it.”

“I don’t understand her. Doesn’t she want you to be happy in your work? I mean, money isn’t everything. I can’t imagine going to work every day to do something I hated.”

“So how do I get out of these portraits?”

“Are they paying?”

“Fifty bucks a sitting.”

“Fifty bucks? Well, I’ll pay you fifteen hundred for the eighties photo and I need it before Thursday.” His eyes widened. “And I have another project I was hoping you could help me with. It’s more of a favour than a job, but I’ll pay for it, too.”

“That seems like an awful lot, Hails. Are you just feeling sorry for me?”

“No. Some photos can get six-digit figures, Mikey.”

“So what’s the other project?”

“Well, you know Brent’s birthday is coming up. And I’ve really no idea what to get him.”

“Yeah, I remember the little shit’s birthday. I went from being an only child to having to pick up after him. Why is it the oldest kid is the one that gets blamed for everything?”

“Little bitter there, Mikey?”

He laughed. “No, not at all. So what can I help you get the young prince?”

“I was hoping you might take some shots of the car, put together some kind of layout he can put in the garage or take to car shows with him. But not a calendar. I don’t want you known for that, either.”

“Yeah, that sounds doable. But can I go in on it with you? I don’t have anything in mind for him, either.”

“Sounds good, but I will pay for any supplies you might use or need. Deal?”

He gave his head a slight shake. “You’ve done enough for me.” Before I could speak, he said, “You ready to go?”

“Yeah.” We paid and headed for the truck. He handed me the keys in the parking lot.

In a moment of sheer insanity on my part, I threw my arms around his waist and gave him a squeeze. “I really am proud of you, you know.”

His arm came around my shoulder and he pulled me closer. I felt his chest rumble. “Thanks, Hails.”

We slowed our progress, as if neither one of us was in any hurry to get to the truck. I laid my head back against his shoulder.

We walked to the passenger’s side of the truck and I hit the remote on his key fob, unlocking the doors. I opened it for him.

He laughed. “I’m supposed to get the door for you.”

“Oh, I thought that was just a shotgun thing, not a chivalry thing. A lady can open the door for a dude, ya know,” I said with mock impatience. “Just get in.”

He turned to face me and, to my surprise, he reached out and tucked my hair behind my ear. “You’re really lame, ya know?” He laughed at my expense.

“And the eighties lines are alive and well. I know I’m lame, but you love me anyway,” I tossed his words from earlier back at him.

His smile slipped. “Yeah. I do.”

Something in his voice made every body part I owned turn liquid. In my head, I rushed to tell myself that he meant ‘like a brother’ and that he’d had a few beers, but his next words stopped my thought process cold.

“You might be the only thing I’ve ever envied about my little brother.”
He moved his hand to the side of my neck and grazed my cheek with his thumb. Then his lips were there, hovering in front of mine as if he were seeking permission. My senses swam with the possibilities. I pounced, seizing what might be my only opportunity to kiss him. I didn’t hold back—he experienced the full-on, ravenous impact of years of worship and sexual fantasies that had run the gamut from sweet, innocent, eighteen-year-old’s kisses to the tantalising nocturnal fantasy that I‘d created just the night before.

I flattened my chest against his, trying to get inside his coat. He spun me around and nudged me onto the seat of the truck. I didn’t want to separate from his lips, afraid that, if we lost contact, he would call a halt to this. So I fisted my hands into his shirt and hauled him in after me, opening my legs and welcoming him towards my heat. I crabbed towards the driver’s side, hitting the steering wheel, then released his shirt long enough to grope for the tilt-steering lever and pushed the wheel up to give us a little extra room. He was not a small man. The thought shot another little thrill through my already highly sensitised body.

He reached backward with one arm, trying to close the door, but I pulled him towards me with all my strength. I wanted to get as much as I could before he put a stop to this. I knew he would. He was too nice a guy to let this happen. What did that say about me?

“Let me get the door,” he said against my mouth, his breathing choppy and heavy.

I released him for long enough that he could reach behind him. The door clicked and I didn’t even have to coax him back—he was there and kissing me as I strained to get closer to him. I could feel his erection digging into my wet heat through my jeans. I rubbed my aching cunt shamelessly over his rock-hard cock. I couldn’t stop the sounds of need that kept erupting from the back of my throat. I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anything, and at that very moment I didn’t care about anything else. Not Brent. Not Cheryl. Not even the fact that I was probably making a fool of myself. There was one thing on my mind, and that was getting him into my body.

I pulled at the bottom of his T-shirt, moving it up his chest as he pushed at mine, his large, warm palm passing over my ribs. Skin met skin, but it wasn’t enough for me. I let him push my T-shirt all the way up, exposing my bra. He smoothed his hand over me, cupping my breast. I pushed myself into his hand. My nipple pearled in his palm. He gave me a soft squeeze as he hunted around back for the hooks, but the bra had a front clasp. I made a protest into his mouth as I directed his hand back around to the front. He undid my bra, setting my breasts free, and he moved his mouth from my lips, down my neck, finally fastening around my nipple.

I moaned at the sensation, arching my back, giving him full access. He growled in return and I wanted to laugh out loud. This was incredible. He swirled his tongue, making me tighten even more—not only my nipple, but deep down inside me. The sensation of his lips and tongue around my breast coupled with his erection pulsing between my legs. I could almost imagine he was inside me. If not for the goddamn clothes between us, he would be. I wanted it. I wanted it now. I was going to come, and I wanted him inside me when I did it.

I reached down between us and undid the button holding his jeans closed. I smoothed my fingers over the tip of his cock with one hand while unzipping his pants with the other.

He blocked my hands and released my breast. “Hails!”

And there it was. He was too good a guy to let this happen.

“What are we doing?” he asked, and the anguish in his voice broke my determination to push him over the edge.

I made a disappointed, frustrated noise and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see the guilt on his handsome face. He sat up. I slid my leg out from behind him and pulled my shirt down over myself, then struggled to refasten my bra. My fingertips shook with need as I fought against the hot tears that threatened to cascade down my cheeks and make us both more miserable than we already were. I knew my tears would only double his guilt, so I tried not to let them fall.

I fumbled to put the key in the ignition. I wanted to get the hell out of there before he tried to talk to me. I only had a thin hold on the tidal wave of emotion that was threatening.

“Hails,” he said, taking the keys and fitting them into the ignition for me. He took my hand in his.

“I’m fine,” I blurted, snatching my hand away.

I started the truck and tried to drive through the haze of stinging, shameful tears. It wasn’t even shame that we were both married people that I was feeling. It was deep disappointment that I hadn’t got what I’d wanted. Maybe I’d feel the right kind of guilt tomorrow. We drove all the way to his place without a word.

I pulled into the drive and prayed he would just get out and go in. He looked anywhere but at me, I knew that much. “What the hell was that?”

I gave an impartial shrug. “Maybe you’re just one of those drunks that loves everybody.” I tried to joke at the not-so-funny situation we’d found ourselves in. My voice was raw and raspy, and I knew he caught it.

“Yeah, that must be it.” He pulled on the handle and got out of the truck. I looked over at him for the first time since he’d called a halt to our wrestling match. “But we both know I’m not drunk. And what’s your excuse?” He looked at me for an extra ten seconds or so, then shut the door and walked slowly to the house. I didn’t wait to see if he looked back before he went inside—I threw the truck in reverse and beat it down the street.

About a block from our house, I pulled over and let loose with the tears. I couldn’t face Brent like this. I had to get it out before I went home.
I pulled myself back together and drove the rest of the way home. It was in darkness, and I was thankful. I went to the bathroom and washed my face, then slid into a tank top and some panties. I knew I wouldn’t be able to rest.

I checked on Brent, who was sound asleep. Again, I was grateful. I made my way into the den and worked on my articles. I finished the economy piece and sent it in early. Their editors would be pleased—I normally took things right to the deadline, using every last second to make every word perfect.

I moved on to the eighties, rattling off ninety per cent of it before I finally thought I could lie down and sleep. I made my way quietly to the bedroom, hoping I could sneak into bed without Brent pulling me against him. He was still sleeping soundly. I tried to make my mind stay blank and will myself to sleep.


If you've been enjoying the walk down memory lane with me and you'd like to read the entire novel before it is no longer available, you can find it at the vendors below for a limited time. Until next week, take care, all. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

KILLER ROMANCES Box Set #BookTour and FB Party #Prizes Galore!

Killer Romances

10 Dark, Deadly, and Delicious Novels

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Dana Delamar REVENGE (Blood and Honor, #1)

37 reviews 4.5/5 stars

Mafia don Enrico Lucchesi struggles to preserve a fragile truce with the Andretti family. But when Kate Andretti flees from her abusive husband, Enrico won’t leave her in jeopardy. Can he save her without reigniting the bloody feud between the families?

*** Revenge was a double-finalist (Romantic Suspense and Best First Book) in the 2013 Booksellers' Best Awards! *** 

Tallulah Grace Cliffs of Starsdale
11 reviews 4.9/5 stars

Seeking a fresh start after her mother’s death, Chelsea Bates lands in the picturesque town of Starsdale, California. Nestled amid the peaks of the High Sierras, Starsdale defines the term ‘small town’ with well-meaning residents who always seem to know everyone’s business.

The one thing no one knew, couldn’t have predicted, was the evil lurking beneath the surface of Chelsea’s ex-fiancé. Preston Beecher follows her to Starsdale with the intentions of taking everything she owns, including her life. Will Preston destroy her dreams before they begin, or will bonds forged in a small mountain town be the pathway to her future?

Bestselling Author Sandy Loyd Deadly Misconceptions
48 reviews 4.4/5 stars 

PI Lucy Maddox joins forces with nemesis, Jack Finnegan, to find her mentor, a reporter who’s gone missing. It soon becomes apparent they’re being followed. And after a couple of harrowing near-misses that are too coincidental to be accidental, they increase their efforts. The chase leads to a ring of high school girls whose behavior could only be characterized as bullying. When they uncover the games those few cruel girls are playing, Jack and Lucy, realize they’ve fallen victim to Deadly Misconceptions and now struggle to stay alive.

Kristine Mason Shadow of Perception (Book 2 CORE Shadow Trilogy)
27 reviews 4.6/5 stars

When an investigative reporter receives an unmarked envelope containing a postcard ordering her to watch the enclosed DVD...or someone else dies, she turns to the criminal investigation agency CORE for help. But that help comes with a catch. Her former lover is assigned to the case. And as more DVDs arrive, they not only find themselves knee-deep in a twisted investigation, but forced to deal with their past and the love they’d tried to deny.

USA Today Bestselling Author Dale Mayer Haunted by Death (By Death Series Book 2)

11 review 4.6/5 stars

Death haunts anthropologist Meg Pearce… In her last summer before college, an innocent camping trip ended in a friend’s disappearance…and destroyed her life. She lost everything. Her innocence. Her plans for her future. Her best friend and lover. Seventeen years later, she returns reluctantly to the same area, hoping to move on. But a gruesome discovery sends her reeling back to that dark time.

Detective Chad Ingram has spent the last seventeen years trying to solve the mystery of that camping trip so he too can regain his life…and the lost love of his life.

Only death isn’t done shaking up their lives…and this time they are in the crossfire.

USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Pierce Blind Her With Bliss, Book 1 of the Dangerous Affairs Series
147 reviews 3.9/5 stars

She's trying to find herself. He's attempting to hide. Together they'll discover a truth that threatens them both...

Investigating the death of her best friend, accountant, JULIE TILLING, discovers a world of adult nightclubs and Internet intrigue. When shock jock DAMON COREY rocks her world in a wild night of lust, she wonders if she's found love...or the key to solving a murder.

Chantel Rhondeau Love & Deception (Agents in Love - Book 1)

11 reviews 4.7/5 stars

Nick Kendall is a secret agent sent to infiltrate a suspected terrorist organization. Despite his best intentions, he falls hopelessly in love with Carlie Hollis, an alleged key player of the group. Though he knows it's wrong, Nick struggles with his feelings versus what is right.

Everything changes when he receives new orders-kill the target. Will he follow those orders…or become hunted himself?

K.T. Roberts The Last Witness
82 reviews 4.2/5 stars

NYPD detectives Tate Kensington and Zachary Gerard are convinced one killer is at work, but proving it seems an impossible feat until a pre-teen prank blows the case wide open.

Both detectives have their own pasts to haunt them - Tate's ex-flame is now her boss, and Zach's estranged father is counsel for the defense. Complicating things even more are death threats, witnesses going AWOL, and an increasing attraction neither of them can continue to deny. Can the pair put away a killer on a paper-thin case? Or will their disappearing Jane Doe prove to be...THE LAST WITNESS...

The Write Authors Blog:

Award-winning Author H.D. Thomson Shrouded in Darkness – Book 1

32 reviews 4/5 stars

Winner of the Ready-Set-Go Peninsula RWA Contest
Finalist in the Suzannah North Louisiana RWA Contest
1st place in Peninsula RWA Chapter’s Contest
Two-time Golden Heart Finalist Author

Jake Preston is on borrowed time. If he doesn’t stumble upon a miracle and soon, he’ll end up dead. And even if he does, he still might end up dead with a clever killer hounding his heels. He believes that the one miracle and antidote to save him is in Margot Davenport’s house, across the country and miles away from Boston. Somewhere locked in her home is the key to reversing an experiment that is killing him. 

Susan Vaughan Primal Obsession

40 reviews 4.3/5 stars

Maine Guide Sam Kincaid needs to prove he can overcome the loss of his baseball career and succeed at something. Investigative reporter Annie Wylde intends to use the wilderness canoe expedition to study her notes on her friend’s killer. She banters with Sam but rebuffs his advances, considering him just another egotistical jock. But when Annie realizes the killer has followed her into the woods, she learns there's more to Sam than testosterone and dimples. And Sam faces the challenge of his life to keep Annie safe and defeat the Hunter.