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Saturday, 20 December 2014

#MySexySaturday Not a Sleigh Ride but a Memorable Trip #erotic #excerpt GAVE GOOD FACE

Welcome to the 73rd week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is A Sexy Sleigh Ride and it’s our hats off to the holidays. Don’t you just love those amazing holiday sleigh rides? It is one of the most romantic things about the holiday season. Sleigh rides are awesome…heck…any kind of ride can be awesome when you have the right someone with you. It can start with a brisk cold night. Maybe the car or the spaceship won’t start. Somehow, your characters have found themselves in this very outdated mode of transportation and are having the times of their lives. It can end in a place where only lovers go. And we want to know the details. 

Not a sleigh but a car ride male model, Lot Reardon, won't soon forget — a sexy snip from Gave Good Face.

Lot started the car then backed out of the parking spot, the transmission whining in protest at the speed. Pasha was glad that he didn’t have a driver and preferred to get himself around. As they pulled out onto the street, the car kicked out sideways.

“Slow down, I’d like to make it there alive,” she said, reaching over the console to stroke him.

Gritting his teeth, he shuffled in the seat a little more, giving her greater access. She unfastened his pants then molded her fingers around his cock expecting to find an underwear barrier, but there was none. Throbbing, smooth, distended skin met her greedy palm.

“Ohhh, you travel lightly.”

“I’d just stepped out of the shower when my agent approached me about the after shoot. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a quick wardrobe change. Thought I’d save myself some time,” he finished.
His breath whistled through his teeth as she tried to make enough room so that she could cup his balls.

“Did you have to rent a two seater?” she complained.

“I didn’t know I was going to have company.”

“If I had more room, I’d take you in my mouth.”

His cock jerked in her hand.

“Fuck! You are going to kill me.”

Frantically, Pash looked around at their surroundings. “Pull over, up there, just under those trees.” It seemed secluded enough.

“What the fuck for? Let’s just get…”

Without words she persuaded him to her way of thinking.

I hope you enjoyed today's not-so sleigh ride, I know Lot did. Don't forget to check out the MSS authors from the linky list below. 

Have a Sexy Saturday!

Wishing you all the blessings and spirit of Christmas

Hug the ones you love

Happy Christmas

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

#NewRelease and #Giveaway Faery Marked by Mary Waibel @mewtweety14 #YA #Fantasy

Please welcome back my good friend Mary Waibel with her latest release, Faery Marked, the first book in the Faery Series. I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy of Faery Marked. You can see my 5 Star review @Goodreads.

Thanks so much for hosting me today, HK, and for helping to spread the word about Faery Marked.

I can write with or without music playing, but I prefer to have music playing. Usually I turn the speakers down just enough so I can hear the song, but not enough to distract me from what I'm writing.

While working on Faery Marked, I set up a play list on Spotify that I put on random and repeat while I worked. (You can find it here) As I worked on revisions, I noticed that several of the songs I chose for this playlist really said a lot about the characters I was writing about.

So, here are the songs that I think define my characters: [All lyrics taken from]

Callie: Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol

I love this song.

We'll do it all
On our own

We don't need
Or anyone

This section sums up Callie so perfectly. She knows that with Reece by her side, she can do anything, even save the world.

Reece: Nothing Else Matters, Metallica
Ah, Reece. He'd give his life for Callie if he had to, but he's never told her how he feels. But, I know he thinks the words of this song when he looks at Callie.

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
And nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

Ryan: Dance with the Devil, Breaking Benjamin
I'm not sure anything from this list could be more fitting for Ryan than this song. He's a wildcard. Not to be trusted. Yet he believes in Callie, no matter what.

Here I stand, helpless and left for dead.
Close your eyes, so many days go by.
Easy to find what's wrong, harder to find what's right.

I believe in you, I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies.

Gwen: Everybody’s Fool, Evanescence The Fae love double entendres, and to me that's what these lyrics are for Gwen.

Perfect by nature.
Icons of self-indulgence.
Just what we all need,
More lies about a world that...
...never was and never will be.
Have you no shame? Don't you see me?
You know you've got everybody fooled.

Look, here she comes now.
Bow down and stare in wonder.
Oh, how we love you.
No flaws when you're pretending.

She's supposed to be the perfect Fae, and to humans her world doesn't exist, so she really has everyone fooled.

What do you think? Do these songs fit the characters from Faery Marked? If not, what song do you think would be better?

Book Blurb:

When Callie Rycroft wakes to find purple flames flickering on the ceiling, she believes she’s still dreaming. But soon she’s forced to accept that she has magic―a special magic that grants her entrance into the Faery Realm.

For centuries humans have been banned from Faery, but dangerous times call for dangerous measures. Declared Champion by the Faery Queen, Callie is assigned a Guardian, and tasked with finding the Cordial―a magical elixir needed to keep the portal to the Faery realm a secret from humans.

The upside? Reece Michaels, the boy she's been crushing on for years, is her Guardian. Callie hopes that, by spending time with Reece, he'll start to see her as more than just his best friend's sister.

The downside? She's in a race not only against time, but against another Champion, and a rogue Guardian―a Guardian who stands to threaten her developing relationship with Reece.

Magic, mistaken identities, and hidden agendas are the least of Callie's worries when she learns that the Cordial requires a sacrifice. Will Callie be willing to risk everything―even Reece―to complete her task as Champion? Or will she let the portal open, and doom both realms?

Available at AMAZON

Win a signed copy of Faery Marked and other swag. Details HERE. Don’t miss out on this

About the Author:
YA author Mary Waibel’s love for fairytales and happy-ever fill the pages of her works. Whether penning stories in a medieval setting or a modern day school, magic and romance weave their way inside every tale.

Strong female characters use both brain and brawn to save the day and win the heart of their men. Mary enjoys connecting with her readers through her website:

Monday, 15 December 2014

#MasturbationMonday Week 15 What's Good for the Goose... #erotic #excerpt

Masturbation Monday Week 15

The rules are simple
 Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make people want to masturbate.

Dream induced orgasm. Ever had one? Sometimes your imagination does it for you and you end up waking to a nice juicy orgasm. Other times you're just so close and have to finish the job yourself (or seek help) Whatev... It's all good. :p

She wakes with a start, her breath ragged, heart pounding, seconds away from  orgasm. Vivid images of a dream filter through her mind in teasing snippets of bare flesh and sweaty tangled limbs. Her naked body tingles from head to toe. She reaches across the bed only to find herself alone. A strangled cry of frustration erupts from her throat. Her body burns for release. A sweet deep heaviness heats her lower belly.

From the next room, she hears her husband clear his throat. 
Does she have time? She wonders, with a quick glance at the clock. 

She trails one hand down her ribs, leaving goosebumps in its wake. Her greedy nipples harden, but she ignores them for the moment, only one destination in mind. She cups her needy cunt. She already knows what she'll find when she explores a little further. She muffles a moan before swiping her fingers through her hot slick slit. It feels so good. The need to come is overwhelming but her desire to prolong the delicious aching urgency thrumming through her, is just as strong. 

Seeking more needed pressure, she rolls over onto her forearm, pressing her mound more fully into her hand. Digging her toes and knees into the mattress she pushes her bum up only slightly giving better access. She rears back on her hand and rubs her highly sensitized flesh. 

Masturbation Monday Week 15

In rotation, she teases her opening then drags her fingers to her clit, only to swirl the tender nub briefly, knowing her limits, before doing it all again. And again. She rocks against her palm faster harder, her hand keeping up with the rhythm of her hips. It takes such concentration and even more will power, when the need to end it quickly urges her on. She clenches her entire body trying to drag out the sweet torment, but the action only serves to heighten the sensations even more. Her pussy grabs at her fingers at the next round. It's time. She sinks three fingers deep, crooking them towards the front wall of her pussy, stroking rapidly, mindlessly. Her insides contract and she explodes, rocking her hips and pressing into the mattress eeking out ever last gut wrenching tremor.

With a sigh of contentment she turns onto her back still enjoying all the pulsing little leaps of pleasure rippling inside her until they subside.

She hops out of bed and approaches the closed bathroom door. She raises her hand to knock but pauses, listening closely, her head cocking to the side in surprise as she hears the familiar tell tale sounds of her husband nearing his own climax. The thought of him jerking off sends another jolt of latent awareness through her sated body. Pressing her ear to the door, she imagines him straining, his fist wrapped tightly around his hard cock as he pumps rapidly, his jaw tight, perhaps he's even biting his lip to keep from waking her.  

She smiles and pads softly to the kitchen to put on the coffee. 

Good Morning!

I hope you enjoyed this week's share. Make sure to check out all the other M-M contributors from the master list over at Masturbation Monday Central.

Happy M-Monday!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

eXtasy Advent Calendar Hop @eXtasyBooks #Giveaway #Contest #eXbdd

Welcome to Day 9 of the eXtasy Books Advent Calendar Hop and Contest. Follow along everyday for a word of the day as we eXtasy Authors count down the days to the annual eXtasy Chat. This year the chat will be held on Book Carousel on Facebook, the place where eXtasy and Devine Destinies authors hangout and interact with readers, have contests, promote books and lots of other good stuff. If you haven't joined Book Carousel now's a good time. Just click the orange link above and it will take you right there. Now back to the contest, Once you've collected all of your words, you can then go and enter the sentence on the Rafflecopter link (which will be posted on the group towards the end of the Advent Calendar Hop) for a chance to win the prize.

THE PRIZE - Each author that is participating in the eXtasy Advent Calendar has generously donated one of their eBooks! That's 15 eBooks, all for ONE lucky winner. I'll be donating a copy of the first book in the Always Cambridge Series.

There will also be one more grand prize added to the bundle, but to find out what that is, you'll have to wait and see. 

So our task was to write a Christmas themed post.  Forgive me, I intended an uplifting and fun post but ended up with a sappy one instead. I've enjoyed following along with the hop and getting to know some more about the other eXtasy authors and how they like to celebrate the season, from all over the world. They've shared memories, stories and some wonderful pictures.

I know I'm probably not the only one who becomes nostalgic this time of year. Bitter sweet memories of times long past, a time to reflect and be thankful, and perhaps remember the people who are no longer here to celebrate with us. 

Some of my fondest recollections are of Christmas Eve. I love Christmas Eve, probably more so than Christmas Day. Even when I was a child the night before the big day just seemed so magical. The anticipation made everything seem so mystical and exciting. 

When fellow author Beany Sparks suggested this Advent Calendar Hop, it all of a sudden reminded me, when we were kids, my sister made up an Advent book full of readings and she'd share one every evening at supper time leading up to Christmas. If I'm not mistaken, she even lit a candle. I hadn't thought of it in years. I remember the backing was made of orange construction paper, and the verses carefully typed on white paper then clipped with pinking sheers, and pasted delicately on the page, a string of yarn around the middle to keep it together, like binding. On the front cover was a candle, a page from a colouring book, I think. I'll, bet our mum still has the precious book stashed in among all our Christmas decorations, a little tattered and faded but cherished all the same. Our mother saves everything. :)

When I was a kid, as a family, we attended Church services. There were two services on Christmas Eve. An early service for the children and then a midnight service. I don't honestly remember the children's time (I guess I was too young when I stopped going) and I'm not sure that I ever attended the late programme (it was for the adults) :p

As teenagers, my sister and I used to stay home, while our parents went to the late service. We watched Christmas cartoons—The classics, Charlie Brown, Frosty, Rudolph and my all time favourite The Grinch—and then we switched over to movies, the later it got.

It always, always snowed on Christmas Eve, without fail. Those big fluffy flakes—in my family, we call it Christmas snow. Our mum and dad would come in from Church around midnight, shivering but happy, full of Christmas Spirit. I remember those snowflakes sticking, glistening on my dad's dark hair. It really seemed magical. Everything about it. It was home. He'd brush the snow off his head and give it shake, he'd stomp his feet and smile like a big kid. My dad was kind of a gruff guy, but at Christmas, he was different. Lighter. Happier. The way I wished he could have been all of the time. Perhaps that's why I so love The Grinch, it reminds me of my father. 
He might have seemed hard to approach and grouchy on the outside, but he had a massive heart and enormous faith. He'd make my mama a brandy and egg nog and we'd sit by the fire and watch A Christmas Carol the one with Alistair Sim, in black and white, of course and we'd have snacks before we headed to bed. 

My husband and I have incorporated some of our past family traditions into our little family and added a few new ones of our own. We have three grown children, all attending college, but we are lucky enough that they all still come home for Christmas. I'm not sure how many more years we will enjoy being all together as our little family unit. I am hanging onto it while I can. But for now, we still sit down together around midnight on Christmas Eve and watch A Christmas Carol. It's tradition. Sometimes my husband even pours me a spiced rum and egg nog. Cheers! And whenever we see those big fluffy snowflakes in the air, we think of my dad, and smile. 

Look Lenny, It's Christmas Snow.

We miss you, Dad, Merry Christmas.

Wishing you all the blessings and spirit of Christmas. 
Hug the ones you love.
Happy Christmas
from Canada

Below you will find the word of the day which you'll need for the contest. Be sure to check the Book Carousel page on Facebook tomorrow for the name of the next author and the link where you will find the post. Good luck.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

#MySexySaturday Goooood Morning! #erotic #excerpt #CollegeRomance

Welcome to the 72nd week of My Sexy Saturday

This week’s theme is A Sexy Morning. Don’t you just love it when you see characters have a snuggle down day that starts with an awesome morning? Or how about making love at dawn on a planet far away? Or watching the morning sky together for the very first time as the sun tops the ridge?  This is a theme about that special time of the day where only lovers go. Do they wake up next to each other and wonder how they got there? Or are they all over one another? 
We want you to show us those very special moments of the day where there isn’t an outside world, where two lovers go to greet the day.

A snip from Now We're Even, an erotic college romance

Callie woke up, her body burning with need. Illogically, her first thought was of Hainsey. She quickly pushed that aside and turned her brain to Brad. But holy shit, he must have taken a wicked anatomy class in lecture hall this week because he had learned some amazing new techniques. Her shirt was pulled up. She couldn't remember ever being this close to orgasm by a guy just pleasuring her breasts before.

Shifting under his weight, wanting to increase the scrumptious heaviness and nearness, she opened her legs as much as she could, then gasped when his rock hard cock settled against her ravenous heat.

The sensation made her moan. She arched into it. “So close,” she murmured, panting, rocking her hips. Brad growled and thrust a little harder while continuing the scrumptious assault on her breasts.

“You want more, Callie?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

Callie tried to move, needing to get her hands on him. She wanted to take hold of his head and direct him just so, but for some reason she couldn’t budge her arms.

When she opened her eyes and looked around, she wasn’t even sure where she was. This wasn’t Brad’s place or her own. Her immediate thought was freeing her hands so she could move. Turning her head to the side, she realized her wrists were bound by bright white sheets tied around unfamiliar iron bedposts.

Thrashing now, in absolute panic, she cried out in fear. Where the fuck was she, and who the hell was making her burn? Belatedly she looked down to the dark head and the owner of the magic mouth.

“Hainsey!” she screeched in outrage.

 Now We're Even Blurb:
College students Callie Read and Haines Bennett rub each other the wrong way. And that’s the way they like it. But there’s an undercurrent of sexual interest that has their mutual friends betting that it’s only a matter of time before they’re doing it the right way.

But after a typical Friday night partying at the local campus pub, Hainsey takes is upon himself to teach Callie a much needed lesson about teasing the wrong guy. For her own good, of course.

But tying her up while she’s passed out, he takes things a little too far.

The next weekend Callie retaliates, getting even and giving Hainsey some overdue instruction of his own. The proverbial tit for tat.

Can they bury the hatchet and call it even or have they effectively ruined an already precarious relationship with their raunchy one-upmanship?

I hope you enjoyed this week's excerpt. Don't forget to check out the other MSS authors from the linky list below.
Have a Sexy Saturday!

Friday, 12 December 2014

#CoverReveal Profit or Loss (Balance Sheet Series) @shannondermott #LadyAmbersBookTours

Title: Profit or Loss
Author: Shannon Dermott 
Genre: (Hot & Spicy) Adult Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: Feb. 18, 2015
Cover Design by: Sara Eirew

Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours


After watching her best friend’s world wind romance, Lizzy wants the same and finds herself engaged to a hot male supermodel who on paper is every woman’s dream. Unfortunately, she’s not in love with him. Instead, she finds herself insanely attracted to a guy who by all accounts should be a total write off on her balance sheet.

Striker has one goal, and that’s to better his situation. He’s not looking for love nor is he looking for a skinny, rich princess who only wants to slum it for cool points. He’s has a plan that will ensure his profitability until he finds himself in an all-in gamble with a woman he has no business thinking about, let alone have in his bed.

One bet, one drunken night, and one foolish mistake will catapult two unlikely hearts into battle in a game of profit or loss.

Shannon’s first love is reading, diving into other realities to explore and brave new worlds. To share her writing is the best experience of all. She writes books about teen romance whether paranormal or contemporary. She also has a steamy adult series. When Shannon isn't writing she loves to shop and watch horror movies that make turning out the lights seem like a stupid idea. You can explore more about her at her website, on facebook, goodreads and twitter.

Author Links:

Twitter: @shannondermott

The first books in the series 
(They do not have to be read to enjoy Profit & Loss)