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The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood and violent teen years and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge. 

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The Tartan MP3 Player Virtual Book Tour @caszarek @Twinsietalk #timetravel #fantasyromance

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The Tartan MP3 Player Blog Tour
C.A. Szarek
RELEASE DATE: March 25, 2014

Book One in the time travel, fantasy romance series, Highland Secrets!

She never believed in magic…

Claire McGowan, Scotophile and historical romance novel addict, finally saves up enough for her dream vacation to Scotland.

She never imagines she’ll get sucked back to the seventeenth century while running on the beach—that’s what she gets for exercising when she should be relaxing.

He knows with a harsh certainty magic exists...

The Fae have taken his brother—Laird of his clan. Duncan MacLeod finds a bonnie naked and confused lass. He’s convinced Claire arrived in 1672 through the Faery Stones—a magical portal he’s been scouring the lands for over the past six months.

At last, he has someone who’s been through the Faery Stones and can help him find them—and get his brother back.

Duncan promises to help Claire get home, even though his desire to have her wars with his vow.
Torn between familiarity of the present and what she wants in the past, can Claire help Duncan find his brother and get back to the future? Will she even want to?

“Who goes there?” A deep, accented voice made her jump.

Her MP3 player crashed to the sand, the wires from her headphones ripping over her shoulders as they flew away from her body, but she didn’t go after the devices.

Claire’s heart kicked into overdrive, and she shot her arm across her naked breasts. Plastered her palm over her bare sex.

“Okay, don’t like this dream anymore.” Her voice jumped up an octave.

Why cant I wake up?

Maybe a touch of fright would make her wake the hell up.

“Ummm….hello?” Claire ventured even though her pulse pounded in her temples. She didn’t see the voice’s owner, but she was stuck now.

Not like I can run and hide.

She wasn’t fond of a stranger seeing her nude, even if gym time had given her a rockin’ body.

Claire smirked. Her sister would’ve declared her egotistical right then and there.

Three figures came into view, standing atop a grassy overhang and staring down at her. Two men and a boy.

“Lass?” One asked.


Okay, no more Scottish Highlander romance novels before bed for you, Claire McGowan. But at least she’d placed the accent.

All three were dressed in period clothing. Like—seventeen hundreds or something. The tallest one had a tartan kilt on.

The man who’d spoken was older, wearing a thick grey beard he was currently scratching, as if he was trying to figure her out.

Well, duh. Naked girl on the beach at the ass crack of dawn should do it every time.

The boy looked about ten. He scrambled down the incline, stopping about three feet from her and staring. Wide blue eyes. Dark, messy hair that needed a good cut.

Claire backed up, squeezing her eyes shut. “Seriously, wake up.” Though she should pat herself on the back for the vivid imagination—if she didn’t have to cover her tender parts—she would’ve so been on that.

This place looked and felt real.

“Are ye Fae?” The kid’s brogue was thick, but his voice was high, making him sound younger than she’d guessed.

“Wh-what?” Claire asked, taking another step back.

“Angus, hush.” The last man admonished. His voice was familiar; he’d been the one who’d called out first.

He jumped down to the beach with little effort.

Claire almost forgot to cover herself as she gazed up at him.

Had to be about six-five or six-six.

Definitely had a foot on her, for sure.

Blue eyes, like the kid. Long black hair that flowed in the wind. He was wearing a kilt, and had the same tartan pattern strewn across his body, shoulder to waist and held down with a belt, but no shirt beneath. A huge, defined pec peeked out and her stomach fluttered.

Good job, Claire. At least you dreamt up someone yummy.

The model on the cover of the book she’d been reading before bed had nothing on this guy.

“Lass? Are ye all right?” His voice was concerned, as was his expression. He spoke gently.


Way to go on the stutter, Clair-bear. Her sister’s nickname popped into her head with ease. It should’ve grounded her, but she still didn’t wake up.

“She talks funny, uncle!”

How can he tell?

She’d said two words, literally.

“Where am I?” Claire whispered. The sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach made her shift on her feet.

“Isle of Skye.” The boy jumped up and down. “We were supposed to go fishing. But I found ye, instead.”

“Hush, Angus MacLeod,” the man said, but there was amusement in his tone. However, he didn’t take his eyes off Claire.

A tremor slid down her spine when his gaze travelled her frame.

Still. Naked.

She wanted to sink into the sand, her earlier confidence about her body gone. Claire shivered, her teeth chattered.

“Jesu, lass. Yer freezin’.” The huge man unbelted the plaid from his waist and whipped it off his torso. It was a separate piece from his kilt, and now he stood before her bare chested. His accent was as thick as the boy’s, but she could make his words out clearer.

Sexy as hell.

“Yeah, kinda naked over here.” A nervous titter fell from her lips and made Claire wince.

“Is she Fae, uncle?” Angus asked.

“Ye’ve been spending too much time with my father. Da, stop clouding the lad’s head with faery tales,” the man called.

The old guy on the hill chuckled. “Och, then ye shouldna leave the lad with me when you go off.”

“Like I have a choice.”
About The Author:

C.A. is originally from Ohio, but got to Texas as soon as she could. She is married and has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.

She works with kids when she’s not writing.

She’s always wanted to be a writer and is overjoyed to share her stories with the world.

To learn more, visit C.A. Szarek on her blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreadsand website.

C.A. Szarek is also author of Collision Force, Chance Collision, and Sword's Calland Love's Call.
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Smut for Good Curves - Rule Charity Blog Hop! @smut_uk @ParkinsonsUK @JustGiving


 Smut for Good: Curves Rule is a blog hop with prizes galore to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK as this is Parkinson’s Awareness week. To find more curves, and seek out further prizes please visit and if you can take a minute to please visit the Smut for Good: Curves Rule Just Giving Page at and donate whatever you can to help us reach our target of £100 to raise awareness of Parkinson’s and to support the charity Parkinson’s UK who help those with the disease learn to cope with the challenges, give out information and search for a cure.

We Don't Need Roads Where We're Goin'

As we drove away from the college campus my wife, Grace, cried silently in the passenger's seat next to me. I reached over and gripped her knee, giving it a gentle squeeze. I knew that the next few weeks would be hell as it always was after we'd dropped one our kids off at school to begin that new chapter in their lives. But this was the last one. I'd no idea what to expect. And I was a little worried. At least with the other two, she'd had our little Ben to come home to.

"Can you believe it? That's our last baby, Tim." I looked over and her lip trembled. I hated to see her so sad. But I saw this as a good thing for us. For our relationship. It had been a long time, since it had been just me and my woman, without interruptions and chaos. Sporting events and school functions. But would she see it the same way? My wife was a wonderful mother, she gave everything she had to our kids. But I wanted to remind her that before all that, she'd been a woman in love. With me. 

All the way home—and it was hours—she'd calm and get a hold of herself, then some song would come on the radio and remind her of another time and she'd dissolve into tears again. 

"Don't cry, baby, this is a good thing."

Now Available @eXtasy Books
"I know," she said, her voice wavering as tears streamed down her face. "This is what it's all about right? You give them all the tools and send them out to do good things. And I want them to, Tim. I want them to go out and do and live and be. But in the same moment, I want to hold them close and never let go."
Her face pinched then, and she turned towards the window, hiding the ugly cry from me.

About twenty minutes from home, I pulled off the highway.

"Where are we going?" she asked mopping, her face.

"You'll see."

"Oh, Tim, don't even. I can't put up with one of your silly schemes right now. Please I just want to go home and fall into bed and forget this day."

I tried not to take offense and I'd also known that she would protest, but I'd been planning this a while. If I could just get her there, I thought that this would set the tone for this next phase in our lives. And if we didn't, I was afraid that I just might lose her. 

I kept up an endless stream of senseless chatter, talking about work, which almost always produced the same reaction from her anymore. She'd get that glazed look and nod her head every once and a while in the appropriate place. But I knew she had no idea what I was saying, nor did she really care. I was beginning to think that her interest in me was nil. At one time, she'd looked at me, as if I were God-like. And it had made me feel like one. But now, often, when she looked into my eyes, I saw nothing more than tolerance. 

I pulled into the parking lot of the swanky hotel, just on the outskirts of town.

"What are you doing?" Grace asked.

"Come on," I said, turning off the car. "We have a date. Twenty-five years in the making."

Not leaving room for argument, I got out of the car and went to the trunk, popping the lid with the key fob. 
Slowly, she exited the car and made her way to where I was.

"Tim, what are we doing here. I just want to go home."

Her nose was red, her cheeks raw from wiping. Her shoulders sagged in weariness.

I dropped the bag, I'd been holding and took her cheeks into my hands. I looked into her watery, but still beautiful green eyes and said, "And I just want my wife back."

Her mouth opened and her gaze registered surprise. "What?"

"Baby, we got married and then the kids came so fast, somewhere along the line, we lost each other and damn it woman, I'm about to get you back!"

Still trembling from emotional upset, her lips made a perfect oh, but no sound came out. 

I handed her one of the lighter bags and took the other. I slammed the trunk and took her hand, making sure to link our fingers, just as we used to do.

 We checked in and I escorted her to the room. It wasn't as fancy as I'd wanted it to be. But we were putting three kids through school. It was about all I that we could swing for the moment.

I set my bag on the bed, it was the one I'd packed for her. I unzipped it and pulled out the dress that I hoped she might wear for me. I held up the slinky red garment and gave it a little wiggle.

"Why on earth would you bring that?" The corner of her mouth turned up in disapproval.

"You haven't worn this in ages. You look so fuckin' sexy in it. Put it on and we'll go down to dinner." I walked over to my own bag and began to unpack my grey suit. The one she liked.

"I haven't worn that dress since before Ben was born, Tim, because it doesn't fit me anymore. Look at me. Blah." She crossed her arms and glared at me. Yes, I knew she wasn't the size she'd been when we'd married or even the same body type as she'd been after the first two kids. But it didn't matter to me. I wasn't God-like anymore either.

I approached her. "Come on. Put it on...for me?"

"I'm not going downstairs with that on. I'll be bulging out all over when I sit down. If the damn thing doesn't give and rip in the seams first."

"Fine then, we'll eat up here. Having you all to myself is an even better idea."

She closed her eyes and shook her head. "Why are you doing this? Can't we just go home and pretend everything his alright?"

Now that statement, was one of many lately, that scared the shit out me. Was she pretending? Was I just fooling myself? Had we grown so far apart that now that the kids weren't between us, we wouldn't be able to relate to one another at all? That was unacceptable to me. I wanted to wine her and dine her and seduce her into remembering us. The way we'd been once. That's what this was all about.

"I brought other dresses. I know how you like choices. Pick whatever one you're comfortable in, I'll call room service." I turned my back on her and prayed she'd play along. 

I leafed through the menu and jotted down our preferences. Just as I picked up the receiver, I heard the bathroom door close and seconds later, the sound of shower spray. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm my growing nerves. After all these years, she could still wind me up.

After ordering the food, I climbed into my suit.  It had been a while since I'd tried this one on and it was a little snug. I rolled my shoulders and it pulled tight. I made my way over to the mirror and finger combed my hair, greying in places and thinning in others. "Yep, God-like," I snorted, turning away from my reflection, just as the washroom door opened.

Grace came out, wearing the little red number. But she wouldn't even look at me. The dress was tight on her. But accentuated all the things I wanted to see. But I began to second guess myself. Perhaps I shouldn't have pressed my wishes on her. But inside, I was desperate to make things right. 

"You look amazing, love."

"Oh fuck off!" she retorted. "Look it. Breasts, roll, roll, hips." She emphasized her account, with hand gestures from top to hips.  She looked behind her and down at her behind. "And then there's that! Sexy? Ya think?" she finished, derisively. And then all of a sudden her anger turned to misery and she began to sob again, just as she had in the car. Pure grief for what she thought she'd lost.

I took off my suit coat and stopped trying to pull my gut in. It's not as if we hadn't seen each other through our best and worst. 

I moved to stand in front of her and waited until she looked at me. It wasn't a loving look, that she returned, that was for sure. 

Slowly, I placed my hands on either side of her, just under her lovely round breasts. She fidgeted and tried to push my hands away. She did the same thing in bed, when I tried to touch her. Especially when I attempted to grip what she called rolls. She didn't appreciate that at all. The extra bit of flesh bothered her so much more than it did me. I loved that she filled my hands.

"Don't," I said, holding her firmly.

"I don't like it!" she raged. 

"What? You don't like me to touch you?"

"No..." she replied petulantly. "You know I don't mean that."

"No, Grace, I don't know that you mean that," I retorted pointedly. "You never let me touch you."

"I do so. We have sex all the time. Don't even try that with me."

"Sure. Quietly, in the dark or quick before the kids get up in the morning. When we're half asleep fumbling, with barely any foreplay, in and out. Done. We never just take our time," I complained. 

"When did you ever want to take your time?" she asked raising a perfect eyebrow at me. But there was a little twinkle in her gaze, that gave me some hope. 

"Well you make it hard on a guy to take his time." I looked down and admired the lovely swells on display, but got back to the subject at hand. "We never even kiss anymore. Don't you remember how much you used to enjoy kissing? I liked it too. I miss it." When we were teenagers, we'd spent hours perfecting it. Saying goodnight was the best and worst time of my day. Often we were out there so long, her mom would flash the porch light. 

I took one of her hands and placed it on my chest. And I decided this would be the perfect time to remind her. I grinned thinking about the first few times we'd been together and then after that, we couldn't seem to get enough of each other. "Remember that time we almost got caught in the cold room at your parent's house?" Those times were some of the sweetest memories I had. I fixated on her pouty sexy mouth.

She lowered her gaze but smiled, reflecting. "My daddy would have killed you."

"I know, but it woulda been worth it." She slid her palm up my chest and kneaded my shoulder. It felt good.

"Well, now maybe we can have loud wild animal sex. Any damn time we please. Morning, noon, night and every spare second in between. I wanna make you scream my name until the neighbours hear."

The corner of her mouth lifted. "Ya think?"

"No parents lurking around trying to save your innocence from the kid from the wrong side of town. No demanding kids running in and out. I think it's the perfect time. It's finally our time, baby. Time to savour each other." My throat actually tightened. I wanted this so badly. To reclaim my wife and have us both feel that same overwhelming thing that we'd had when we started, but so much stronger and deeper now. "I love you, Grace. Everything about you." I made sure to grip those love handles that she hated. "Every inch. We've earned every one of them.I love your curves. I want us back, baby. The way it was in the beginning. I want you to look at me..." I paused as I realized that she was wearing that look. The very gaze that made me melt on the spot. "Yeah, just like that," I managed to whisper. 

"I miss you, too, Timmy," she said, as more tears breached her lashes. "But I miss my babies so much. They are such a part of what made us, us, Tim. How are we ever going to be enough, now? You meant everything to me back then before we had the kids and now there is just so much more."

"Exactly, baby. So much more. Look what we created? I'm just as proud of our kids as you are. But we did that, love. Gracie and Timmy. We have so much more to look forward to. Just you and me. This is not the end. It's just another beginning. Another chapter." I leaned forward and kissed her softly, only intending to give her a sweet kiss, but she cupped the back of  my neck and she opened up and then deepened it. She tasted salty, from the tears, but oh so good. It had been so long since we'd shared a kiss like this.

She began to undo the buttons on my dress shirt. I unzipped her dress.
It slithered to the floor and under my greedy hands I realized there was no underclothing between us.

"Commando, lovey?" I said into her mouth, loathe to release her sweet lips. 

She didn't answer, but while still engaging me with her tongue, she unfastened my trousers and pushed them, along with my boxers, to the floor. She then pulled my hips forward and pressed her mound against my growing erection. 

I backed her to the bed having every intention of giving her the works, but she had other ideas and guided my throbbing cock right to her hot ready pussy. Taking our time would have to wait. Her familiar scent filled my senses. Her scorching inner walls hugged me, drawing me deeper into her sweet cunt. She pulled her legs back before I could even demand it. We knew each other so well by now, but she could still rock my world. 

As I thrust, giving us both long satisfying strokes, she reached down between us and circled her clit. I almost smiled thinking back to a time when she would never have done such a thing in front of me. Even after I'd suggested it. We'd come a long way, baby. As she continued to round that delicate little bud, she let out the most exquisite sound. One I had no choice but to answer with an appreciative growl of my own.

Soon, sweet all encompassing spasms began to squeeze my aching cock. I changed angle just ever so slightly and she gasped. Followed by another delicious contraction, overlapping the next, which sent me over the edge. I collapsed on top of her. 

She held me close, stoking my back softly. "Built for comfort, not for speed, anymore?" she chuckled and muttered against my shoulder.

I hugged her closer. "Naw, you were made perfectly; just for me."

Later after our amazing quickie and sharing our meal, I knelt beside the large bathtub, with my lovely wife, submerged in fragrant, frothy white bubbles. Occasionally, she'd sip from the glass of red wine, I'd provided. I ran the soapy terry cloth in circular motions over her chest, as I kissed her smooth white shoulder. 

"How long have you been planning this, Timmy?" Grace asked. I detected the smile in her voice. Funny, she'd referred to me as Timmy more tonight than she had in years.

"Mmm, since Ben began applying to colleges last year."

"It was very well done of you." She held the glass up, as if in toast.

"Scored some points?" I kissed her collarbone. 

"Big time. I didn't even know we needed this."

"But we did. We do." I moved around, my old knees popping a groaning in protest, but I needed to look at her. "We can't take each other for granted, baby. I can't lose you."

Her eyes filled again. "I didn't know that you felt this way. I thought it was just me. I never meant to take you for granted, Tim. I love you too. But things are going to be different. How can they not be? It's going to take some getting used to."
"Then they'll be different," I shrugged. "We'll just be heading down an alternate path. A new one. It's not so different from when we began this journey. Just as long as we do it together, I don't care about anything else." I wiped her cheek and to my relief she smiled and gave me that look that sent my heart to pounding. 

She passed me the glass of wine. I placed it on the vanity and I helped her to her feet. I wrapped a towel around her shoulders before pulling her into my arms. 

"Do you remember what you said when you asked me to marry you?" She grinned, although shakily, with emotion.
Now Available
"Of course. How could I ever forget. I practiced that particular speech at least a hundred times."

"Oh, you did not," she scoffed. Even after all this time, she still didn't seem to grasp what I would have done to be with her. What I would still do. She just didn't know how to appreciate her own worth.

"I did so. I had to impress you. What if you'd turned me down?"

"How could I say no to you?" she said softly, as she looked into my eyes.

For the first time in a long while, I felt like maybe we were going to be okay.

"So, we just need to find that same open eager mindset we had back then, Gracie. You and me against the world. We'll go places…” I grinned dragging it out, making her wait. “…but baby, we don't need roads where we're goin'."

She smiled, a real genuine, Gracie's-happy kind of smile and the sight did wonders for my old heart. And then, she kissed me senseless. 

                                                     ©Copyright H K Carlton 2014

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