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#MySexySaturday Talk Sexy to Me #Saturday7 a snip from Jack and the Jean Stock #NaughtyFairyTale

Welcome to the 108th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: Talk Sexy to Me

We know all about talking sexy to me. We know that lovers have a special language that only two of them share. The hidden looks, the longing gaze, the love shining in their eyes all accompanied by those sexy, sexy words. Sometimes, they are whispered, sometimes spoken aloud and occasionally shouted from rooftops. 

The rules:
Post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences or 7 words from a WIP or something already published.

From brand new naughty fairy tale, released this week, 

With both hands, Jack corralled their cocks, lining them up, crown, shaft, balls. The visual was fascinating and by the look of rapture on Ti’s face, he wasn’t the only one who thought so. “You see, we’re not so different. Silk and steel.”

A little devilish glint appeared in Ti’s distinctive blue eyes. “Or maybe we’re both freaks.”

“Then get ready to get your freak on, Gigandet.” Jack dragged his hands up and down, essentially giving them a dual hand-job.

The big man swallowed audibly, his gaze riveted to the action.

Lowering one hand away, Jack gripped the twin erections. Together they were so thick, he almost couldn’t contain them. For a moment he remained absolutely still, watching, upping the anticipation in himself and the barely harnessed tension he could sense in Ti. His thighs were like granite under Jack’s buttocks. He wanted to blow his mind, erase any and all bad memories and encounters he’d obviously had with other men.

Ti’s cock pulsed, which made Jack’s jerk. With their shafts pressed so close, he could share the other man’s every response. Every twitch, every throbbing pulse, the very juices racing just under the thin skin, preparing to explode. It was sensory overload at its best.
Slowly, he shifted in an upward motion, sliding their smooth rods together. Ti swallowed a moan. His eyes rolled and closed briefly before he stared once more.


Strapped for cash and drowning in his ailing mother’s medical debt, the one bright spark in Jack Castor’s life is working his dream job for a specialty clothing manufacturer that caters to large men. Although his personal life is all but nonexistent, career-wise, he thrives under the tutelage of his friend and father-like mentor, Cronus Gigandet, a gigantic man with a heart to match. But when Cronus dies suddenly, the company’s future is thrown into uncertainty.

Titan Gigandet, Cronus’ wayward son, a giant of a man in his own right, is furious when he learns his father has included his upstart protégé, Jack, in his will, leaving him equal shares in the family-run factory. Reluctantly, Titan rescinds his own self-imposed exile and returns to a company in turmoil.

The gloves come off, and the major players fight for control. With the shareholder’s agreement about to run out, decisions concerning the business need to be made, and quick. But Jack and Titan clash at every turn. The pair is so at odds, the quarrels rapidly become physical, but fists soon give way to angry, forbidden kisses. Though the blazing new attraction does nothing to quell the antagonism or distrust between them.

While battling to save the company, Jack’s mother takes a turn for the worse. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, Titan unearths a stunning find.

Could this new discovery be Jack's 'golden goose' or just the beginning of the end to everything Jack holds dear? 

Hope you enjoyed this new tease. Don't forget to hop on through the linky list below for this week's MSS participants.
Have a Sexy Saturday! 

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#NewRelease One Naughty Fantasy by @RavennaTate #menage #erotic

**This book features the same three characters that are in SNOWBOUND**

***Click HERE to purchase directly from
Evernight Publishing***

Nina Santangeles has decided to give her lovers, Cameron Easton and Alex Gable, their ultimate fantasy. Dressed in a red plaid skirt, cotton blouse, bobby socks, and saddle shoes, she surprises them during a presentation they’re giving for architecture and design students at a university lecture hall, causing quite a stir.

When her men take her back to their hotel suite with the intention of punishing her for the naughty behavior as part of their role play fantasy, how far will she let them go?


They each held one of her hands in the hallway. Alex barely closed and locked the door to their hotel suite behind them before he lunged for her, covering her mouth in a hot kiss that surprised her. Her men were always on fire for her, but this was different. Their reaction was off the charts hot, and she had to assume it was the role playing.

She raked her hands over his back and tight ass, moaning into his open mouth. Pushing her hips against him, she wasn’t surprised to find his erection rock-hard. Behind her, Cameron reached under her skirt and grabbed her ass, groaning. Alex’s mouth released hers, and he nipped at her neck.

Nina started to unzip her skirt, but Cameron stopped her. “No. Leave it on, but take off the panties.”

Alex let go of her long enough to allow Nina to remove her panties and step out of them. Cameron took them from her, and she glanced over her shoulder to watch him bring them to his nose. It was so damn sexy she couldn’t stop the moan.

Nina turned her attention back to Alex and removed his tie, then unbuttoned his shirt. She peeled it off to reveal broad shoulders and fine dark hairs dusting his muscled chest. She loved their bodies. Both men were so damn gorgeous she could never get enough of them. “You work out, Mr. Gable.”

“Yeah. I do.”

“We both do,” said Cameron.

She ran her teeth over Alex’s nipples as she reached for his pants, unfastening the button above the zipper.

Behind her, Cameron grabbed her ass again. “Oh Christ … Nina …”

“Tell me what you both want,” she said, lifting her gaze to Alex’s eyes.

Alex swallowed hard. “I want to fuck you. Fuck you fucking silly.”

Cameron reached around and grasped her breasts through the cotton top. “I want to fill each of your holes, baby, all night long.” He let go of her breasts and smacked her ass, hard. Nina moaned. “I want to spank you for being such a bad girl. You interrupted a very important presentation for us, you know.”

He smacked her ass cheeks again, and she nearly came. “I know I did.”

“Now we need to punish you for it, and we need to fuck you hard for it.”

She giggled, tossing her hair. “Oh, you can fuck me, but I’m not so sure about the spanking part.” She had to pretend to protest something, after all. That had been part of their fantasy, but it was very difficult to get into the role now that she was alone in a beautiful hotel suite with them.

Alex turned her around so fast she nearly fell. He enveloped her in a bear hug from behind that was more sweet than lustful. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

Nina rubbed her ass against Alex’s erection, aching for his dick to fill her, as he nuzzled her neck. “I like you, too, Alex. I like both of you. Let’s get these clothes off you two and see what you have in your pants.”

“In a minute.” Alex nibbled at her neck and reached under her blouse to unhook her bra. Cameron helped him ease the straps off her shoulders under the fabric, and then Alex tossed the bra on the floor. He grasped her breasts, and Nina moaned loudly.

“Oh God, I love your tits.” Alex’s breath was warm in her ear, and the sensation of his hands on her breasts and his erection rubbing against her ass nearly brought her to orgasm.

Cameron shoved his hand under her skirt and rubbed her clit with his expert fingers, then pushed one inside her pussy. She was so damn wet they wouldn’t need lube. “I love wet pussies.”

Nina closed her eyes and absorbed the sensations of Alex kneading her breasts, his thumbs playing with her nipples, while Cameron finger-fucked her and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her climax was so close it was ridiculous.

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What if the government stole your libido? #NewRelease The Antidote by @LisabetSarai #scifierotica

New Release!
The Antidote
By Lisabet Sarai

Science Fiction Erotica (X rated)
Approximately 5000 words
HFN ending 

What if the government stole your libido? What would you do to get it back?


Sixty years after the Plague, few remember the mass deaths, the riots and the massacres triggered by the sexually-transmitted disease. Still, most people accept the Council’s mysterious libido-suppression technology as necessary to prevent a resurgence of the deadly virus. Monthly procreative sex, government-supported and hormone-enhanced, is enough to satisfy them.

Lena’s different. Though she loves her husband Jeff, she yearns to experience the thrill of forbidden lust, to know what it feels like to couple with a stranger. Rumors speak of an antidote that liberates the libido from the Council’s thrall. Denied from birth, Lena is willing to risk everything—her marriage, her freedom, even her life—for one taste of unbridled desire.

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X Rated Excerpt

Before I could think or resist, we had climbed the three steps to the platform, which was furnished with a mattress and a couple of chairs. A spotlight clicked on in a corner, temporarily blinding me. Bolt stood behind me, his arms circling my body. He kneaded my breasts while he worked the crowd. I struggled not to faint from the sensation of his fingers digging into my flesh.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Club Lust. Tonight we have a special treat, a newcomer enjoying her first taste of freedom.” He gripped the bottom of my jersey and pulled it over my head in one deft motion.

All eyes in the room turned to my suddenly bare chest. The heat of their attention brought a flush to my cheeks. My nipples contracted into throbbing bullets of needy flesh. Bolt pinched and twisted them, far rougher than Jeff had ever been. Liquid gushed from my cunt as though he’d turned on a faucet.

“Such fine, round, bouncy tits. Just looking at them makes me want to rub my cock in between them until I come all over her face. Don’t you all agree?” The crowd murmured its assent. I don’t know what excited me more, his words or the fact that simultaneously, he’d unzipped my skirt and pulled it down to my ankles. Underneath I wore the red bikini briefs that had come with our last booster pack. They were soaked.

Bolt’s hand dropped from my breast to cup my pubis. I shivered. My cunt clenched at the indirect stimulation as he brushed his palm over the wiry hair underneath the pseudo-silk. My clit swelled, hot, demanding. I arched my pelvis, pressing my sex more firmly against his hand. He wriggled a finger between my lips, pressing the fabric into my cleft.  Pleasure shimmered through my whole body. Earlobes, lips, fingertips, nipples, clit, toes, all throbbed in time. I heard myself moan.

“Our little slut is very wet,” Bolt gloated. “I think she wants to be fucked. Let’s get a look at her cunt.”

About Lisabet

Long before she discovered erotica and erotic romance, Lisabet Sarai devoured science fiction. Heinlein, Bradbury and Asimov were her companions growing up. Later she explored the dark, seductive worlds of Neal Stephenson, Pat Cadigan and Bruce Sterling. M. Christian, C. Sanchez-Garcia and Cecilia Tan showed her how to combine visions of the future with visions of desire. Her M/M science fiction erotic romance Quarantine won a Rainbow Awards honorable mention, while alien ménage Bodies of Light was voted a Best Book of the Month at Whipped Cream Reviews. Speculative erotica remains one of her favorite genres, both to read and to write.

You’ll find information and excerpts from all Lisabet’s books on her website (, along with more than fifty free stories and lots more. At her blog Beyond Romance (, she shares her philosophy and her news and hosts lots of other great authors. She’s also on Goodreads and finally, on Twitter.

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Fee Fi Fo Fum! It's Release Day! Naughty Fairy Tale - Jack and the Jean Stock #mmromance @evernightpub

Woo Hoo!
Jack and the Jean Stock
is Now Available at Evernight

Naughty Fairy Tales
Bedtime stories for grown ups...  
I had a lot of fun writing this new and naughty version of Jack.

If you're familiar with the fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk; I tried to stay true to many of the stories' memorable features—though I don't want to give too much of my rendition of the story away—I did manage to keep the famed Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, but probably not in the way you'd expect. I also gave the tale a modern update along with my own little twist, that gives Jack and his giant, a whole new connotation.

You wouldn't think there'd be a lot of research involved when twisting up a tale we've heard retold since childhood, but I still did my fair share. 
Here are some quick Jack Facts:

Our hero, Jack Castor - I decided on Castor as Jack's surname, after the castor bean. (see what I did there) 

I incorporated several names of supporting characters into the story who were either purported to have written, re-written or featured similar stories of Jack and the Beanstalk or Jack and the Giant Killer.

Sergeant Rick Tabart – A hunky cop and ex-lover of Jack’s is partially named after the Benjamin Tabart who is documented to have offered the first print version of Jack and the Beanstalk in 1807

Mr. Jacobs – a close neighbour of Jack’s is named after Joseph Jacobs whose version of Jack and the Beanstalk is the one most readers are familiar with. (English Fairy Tales, 1890) Later, Joseph Jacobs also put his own spin on Jack and the Giant Killer.

I chose Gigandet - pronounced Gid—Jan—Dette – as the surname for our giants. A little play on the word gigantic

In the story there are numerous references to size. Along with mentions of well-known giants or people — real or imagined — who are known for their immense stature. Including some biblical, Viking and mythological  

I hope readers will enjoy my take on Jack. I had such a good time writing his story and can’t wait to share it. 

Happy Reading! 

 Here's the blurb:

Strapped for cash and drowning in his ailing mother’s medical debt, the one bright spark in Jack Castor’s life is working his dream job for a specialty clothing manufacturer that caters to large men. Although his personal life is all but nonexistent, career-wise, he thrives under the tutelage of his friend and father-like mentor, Cronus Gigandet, a gigantic man with a heart to match. But when Cronus dies suddenly, the company’s future is thrown into uncertainty.

Titan Gigandet, Cronus’ wayward son, a giant of a man in his own right, is furious when he learns his father has included his upstart protégé, Jack, in his will, leaving him equal shares in the family-run factory. Reluctantly, Titan rescinds his own self-imposed exile and returns to a company in turmoil.

The gloves come off, and the major players fight for control. With the shareholder’s agreement about to run out, decisions concerning the business need to be made, and quick. But Jack and Titan clash at every turn. The pair is so at odds, the quarrels rapidly become physical, but fists soon give way to angry, forbidden kisses. Though the blazing new attraction does nothing to quell the antagonism or distrust between them.

While battling to save the company, Jack’s mother takes a turn for the worse. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, Titan unearths a stunning find. 

Could this new discovery be Jack’s ‘golden goose’ or just the beginning of the end to everything Jack holds dear?



Titan fisted his hands into the sweaty t-shirt plastered to Jack’s chest and hauled him upward, so that only his tiptoes touched the wooden planks. “God you smell good,” Ti said.

Jack looked up in time to see his nostrils flare. “All hot and sweaty, just like you were last night.” His sizzling gaze roved over Jack’s mouth.

Another drastic mood swing. Christ he was impossible to read.

Still hanging there he was quite defenseless when Titan dipped his head as if he might kiss him.

“No, we’re not playing that game again.” Determined to get away, Jack yanked on the hem of his shirt, successfully ripping it from Titan’s grip. He stepped sideways as soon as his feet hit the floor, but Titan mirrored him.

His lips hovered just above Jack’s, his breath buffeting his cheeks. “You’re not going to stop me,” Titan murmured.

Jack held his breath when Ti wrapped his free hand around the back of his neck while staring at him. The warmth and weight of his massive palm felt exquisite. A ripple of fear laced with excitement shot up Jack’s spine. This time he was prepared for the violence.

Titan mashed his lips up against his while holding his head, making it impossible for him to pull away. It was brutal; it was ugly and the second hottest kiss—or maybe runner-up with last night’s—he’d ever experienced. His heart pounded. His cock surged.

They fought each other for supremacy with their hands and mouths, groping and nipping. But Jack was no match for Titan’s height and strength. Nor could he fight the desire wending its way through his highly-strung body. Ti overwhelmed him, leaning over him and into him. In their haste, they ran into one of the tables, knocking several bundles of denim to the floor.

Unexpectedly, Titan curled his leg behind Jack’s as he pushed him backwards, forcing him off balance. When he started to fall, Titan was quick to stop his momentum, lowering him to the denim pillow. He followed, all the while kissing the hell out of him.

Squirming, Jack twisted his head breaking the kiss. “What are you gonna do, just manhandle me?”
“You like to be manhandled.”

His sexy grin made Jack’s stomach flip, his cock pulse.

Titan pushed him down into the bed of denim, but this time when he took his lips he softened just a bit, as much as an aggressive giant could, Jack thought. No matter, it was all arousing as fuck.

Titan unfastened Jack’s pants and shuffled his way down his body. Jack tensed. Did he really want to get into something like this with such animosity still between them?

But when Titan flipped aside the waistband of his formfitting boxers, exposing the tip of his distended cock, Jack could no longer think past his raging hard-on.

Wishing you all a happily ever after...

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#NewRelease Heaven’s Just a Sin Away by Tyler Robbins @Robin_Badillo #mm #erotic

Heaven’s Just a Sin Away
Tyler Robbins


Having just lost his mother to cancer, eighteen year old, Blueford “Blue” Mason returned to their hometown of Danville, Texas to live with his reticent grandmother, Alma. The two struggle to bond while Blue undergoes a metamorphosis into manhood, discovering new things about himself, his sexuality, life, love and even heartbreak.

After leaving his former fire department due to intolerance of his sexuality, twenty-three year old, Jack West moved to Danville to work as an EMT for his uncle’s small fire department. He’d resigned himself to living a quiet life alone until Blue came along and turned his world upside-down.

Will the young lovers find acceptance in Danville or will shameful secrets from the distant past set this town ablaze when the people around them are forced to face their own shortcomings?
Heaven’s just a sin away for everyone, especially when every sin is created equally. 

Adult Excerpt:

Goddamn. What the hell am I doing? Despite his first inclination to get up and leave the room as fast as his legs could carry him, Jack gave into Blue’s persistent movement. “Goddamn, Blue.” He was huge. Even through clothes, Jack could feel every inch of the thick, stiff shaft. He wanted so badly to unzip Blue’s pants and suck out every drop of cum he had to offer. He couldn’t though. Not like this. Not so soon.

Jack shook off the dizzying argument complicating his thoughts.

The way Blue looked up at him, Jack couldn’t ignore the desperate plea darkening those fucking bottomless sapphire-blue orbs. “What is it?” Concern nipped at the nerves along the base of Jack’s skull.

“I’ve never…” He pressed his lips together, his gaze cutting away.

What? He’s never… Jack’s mind instantly blanked as the revelation sank in. Holy shit. He’d suspected, but—Damn.

Despite knowing better, Jack moved his hand up and down, kneading Blue’s cock through his pants. He’d become even hotter in some twisted, erotic way. “Never?”

Blue slowly shook his head. “Never even been kissed until now.”

Jack had absolutely lost his mind. Nothing was more exhilarating or more dangerous than being someone’s first. But being someone’s first kiss, first jerk-off and possibly first everything else all in one fell swoop was riskier than running into an exploding high-rise inferno. Someone would definitely get burned before this was over. Jack knew it deep in his gut.

Blue put his hand on top of Jack’s and pushed down, encouraging him. “Don’t stop.” He jammed the back of his head into the sofa cushion with a deep, sensual moan as his body shuddered beneath Jack’s touch.

Jack couldn’t help it. He ground his groin into Blue’s thigh. He had to know. He had to feel each tremor, each twitch. Nothing else mattered in that moment other than witnessing this thing of beauty unravel under his touch.

Blue bucked upward, and that was it. That was all it took.

Jack rubbed harder, faster. “God, you’re fucking killing me here.” He memorized the blue-green veins protruding from the strained muscles in Blue’s neck and the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed. The subtle way his lips puckered and the way his brow hardened from what Jack knew was that erotic ache that takes over when on the brink of orgasm. “Give it to me.” He’d never wanted anything more.

Blue bit his bottom lip and grimaced, prompting Jack to forget all about his own pending explosion and focus on what Blue was about to experience. Jack searched Blue’s eyes. “You want this bad, don’t you?”

Blue nodded, his brows creasing even deeper until he squeezed his eyelids shut.

Jack kissed and suckled the curve of Blue’s neck then whispered in his ear, “Come for me.”

Blue thrust his groin upward and arched his back, lifting himself off the couch and up against Jack’s body. “Oh fuck.”

His body jerked, and Jack instantly felt the heat from inside Blue’s still buttoned khakis.

“Ung.” Blue gripped Jack tightly around the neck and fell back onto the cushions, dragging Jack with him.

Almost there, Jack only needed a few seconds more. He continued to grind into Blue’s leg, but Blue nudged him back and cupped Jack’s cock through his jeans. They both looked down and watched as Jack fucked the concave curve of Blue’s open hand.

Blue’s persistence surprised Jack. Maybe he had more experience than he’d led Jack to believe. Blue rubbed up and down, and Jack held his breath until—his balls drew up and a delicious tremor zinged across his body like a tiny earthquake, intensified by the young man beneath him and the way Blue so eagerly finished him off.

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Author Bio:

Tyler Robbins, a.k.a. Robin Badillo, is a down to earth mother of four, born and raised in a small Texas town where she still resides with her nearly grown kids and a pack of spoiled dogs.

After years of being a wife and mom, complete with company picnics and fundraisers for the P.T.A., Robin found herself starting over when her husband of fifteen years suddenly passed away in 2006. With no particular skills to speak of, Robin took the advice of friends and family, and followed her heart and passion for writing into the publishing world.

A fan of paranormal and southern romance novels, Robin does her best to offer up a plethora of tasty morsels to satisfy her reader’s appetite. Whether mainstream and/or paranormal erotic romance or Tyler’s LGBT romance line, Robin strives to create characters who are endearing and relatable.

         Adversity is Robin’s motivation, which explains why she’s a true believer that grey hair is simply God’s graffiti.

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Week 52 #MasturbationMonday - The Anniversary Edition - Andi and Toni #erotic #excerpt

Happy One Year Anniversary, to Kayla Lords and the rest of the Masturbation Monday Crew, too!

The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.

An f/f scene from m/f/f  erotic romance
Streetlight People 

 Then Toni was there. Insinuating herself into our twosome. She touched us both, running a hand up my side and up his. My hands stilled on his pulsing flesh. I couldn’t seem to do too many things at once.

Toni moved in on us, her bare skin touching ours. She’d removed the rest of her clothing. Street and I were still kissing, then her lips were there too. She was kissing both of us. Street opened his mouth wider and she inserted her tongue. He retreated and I reluctantly released my hold on his magnificent cock. Then there was just her mouth on the side of mine. It was up to me. I had to shift my mouth over hers or move away.

I hesitated, but I felt Street caressing the side of my breast. I knew that he was still there and, weirdly, it comforted me.

Toni moved her hand to the side of my face as she tried to coax me to interact with her.

I was slow, but finally I moved so our lips were positioned. I kissed her, closed-mouthed at first. She seemed okay with that. As if she’d allow me to set the pace. But her hands were more convincing. She skimmed them softly from the curve of my neck over my shoulders, down my arms. She stroked softly over my back, all the while letting me kiss and peck at her lips timidly. And my body responded, her fingers causing goosebumps wherever they trailed.

I wasn’t ready for it, but she moved her hand between my legs. With her fingers, she dived into the slick folds and I realised that I was still fully aroused. The heat and the rush of wetness was all right there. There was no hiding it from her. I felt her hum against my lips, as if she liked how it felt.

She used one of her fingers to slowly circle my clit, and my mouth opened on a silent moan of pleasure at the current of electricity that shot through me. God, it felt good. But I pushed her hand away. If she kept that up, I’d come again. I wanted to give some pleasure, instead of always taking it.

I wanted to know what it was like to kiss her, like I’d kissed Street. Would it be different?

I seized either side of her head and opened my mouth over hers. She froze for a split second, as if she hadn’t expected me to take over, but when I did, she allowed me to. I touched my tongue to hers, hesitantly at first, but when she responded in kind, I felt another pulse of excitement.

She moved closer to me. I felt her skin against mine. It was warm and smooth, almost delicate. I wondered if I felt that way to her. She moved her body over mine and I felt our nipples catch. I gasped at the sensation. We broke apart and stared at each other. My chest was rising and falling rapidly as I tried to breathe. She was out of breath too. I watched, captivated by the little hard buds rising and falling in my line of sight. She kneed her way closer to me on the bed, took her own breast in her hand and arched her back towards me. She circled her nipple around mine.

It felt so good. I looked at her, wondering if she was feeling even a fraction of what I was. Her mouth was open and her eyes were half closed.

I felt Street’s weight lift off the bed as she made another circle, nipple to nipple.

I exhaled hard again. I wanted more. I lifted my shaking right hand and I touched Toni’s other breast, hesitantly cupping it, squeezing the soft flesh before tweaking the hardened bud between my fingers. When the little bumps around her areola hardened too, I felt a rush of satisfaction—the same kind of power I’d felt when I’d known Street had ejaculated over little more than bumping and grinding. Could I do the same to her, as unskilled as I was at making love to a woman? But I knew what I liked. I had that to go on.
Before long we were rubbing our tits all over each other, trying to achieve that next little plateau of arousal.

Toni grabbed my head and dived at my lips. We kissed each other, just like I had Street. The only difference was that she liked to flick her tongue a whole lot faster, which made me think that was the rhythm she would like in other places. I wanted to try it out.

I broke free from her hold and dipped my head. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this, but I did it. I kissed her taut nipple.
She inhaled sharply.

I shaped my lips around the bud, giving it the slightest little suck, then I circled my tongue around it. She tasted sweet and salty at the same time.
Toni took my other hand and guided it to her other breast. Duh. I should have known that. It was what I liked too.

I brought my fingers to my mouth and wet them with my own saliva before stroking the slickness all over her other nipple, so my fingers slid nicely over her taut skin. It took me a moment to get my tongue in sync with my fingers but when I did, she groaned with pleasure and thrust her hips towards me. A tiny little pulse started to throb between my legs. Her arousal was stoking my own. And once my mind went there, I wanted to touch her there.

I wasn’t sure if I was coordinated enough to keep stimulating her nipple with my mouth and touch her pussy at the same time. At least, not yet. I might need some practice. So I released her breast. She moaned her displeasure, but when I skimmed my palm over her stomach on a path down to her pussy, her breath hitched with anticipation.

I hit a patch of hair. Almost stubble-like, as if it were just growing back. I didn’t know if I liked that. But as I curved my fingers lower and shaped them around her lips, they were smooth. I liked that.

I slid my hand between her legs, reaching as far as I could go, using my thumb against her leg as a guide. She opened her stance a little wider for my exploration. I cupped her firm ass with my other hand, holding her steady, then dipped my fingers into the slippery slit.

She closed her eyes and breathed heavily through her nose, her mouth shut, her jaw tight with tension.

I looked around the room, trying to locate Street. He was standing about ten feet away, watching us, gloriously naked, his eyes heavy with arousal. He was touching himself. He knew that I was watching but it didn’t stop him. He looked right at me and gave his straining cock a long, slow stroke before sliding his large hand almost to the tip, where he choked it quickly, just as I had been doing for him not so long ago. His face contorted with the tension he fought against. My lips parted as I watched him. I wanted to jerk him off. He didn’t need to do it himself.

My hands had stilled again. It would seem that I couldn’t concentrate on one body while craving another. I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to flit from one sweet treat to another, ready and eager to sample them all, not wanting to miss out on any but so distracted by so many new and different delights that I could not keep my mind on just one. My father had always said I couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

“Andi,” Toni breathed my name beside me. She took my wrist and moved my arm, sending my fingers deeper into her slick heat, reminding me. “Please.”

I shook my head slightly, hesitating, still locked on Street’s dark eyes. He gave me a lift of his chin, encouraging me to continue with Toni.

I tore my gaze from his. I could see she needed some relief. Her eyes were almost desperate, in a glassy kind of haze of desire. I was two orgasms up on her.

I waggled my fingers all around her wet pussy, teasing, almost tickling before easing my middle finger inside her. The lubricated, soft, tissuey walls closed around it and we both gasped at the sensation. I knew how she was feeling but I was also experiencing from the other side, maybe understanding what it felt like for a guy when he gave a woman pleasure. My own pussy flooded with that lush, heavy need.

Masturbation Monday: Week 52

“Mmm,” she hummed, bearing down on my hand. I started to prime her, sliding in and out of her slowly.

She coaxed me back towards her lips and we began kissing again. I wasn’t shy about it now. I liked it. She tasted good and she was an excellent kisser.

Toni pushed my hand out from between her legs, because again, I couldn’t seem to do two things at once. I hadn’t realised it, but once we’d started necking I’d stopped fingering her. When had I developed sexual ADD?

Toni’s hands were still against my cheeks, holding me. She pulled my lips hard against hers, and for a moment we had a battle of wills. She wanted to take me over but I wasn’t sure that I wanted her to have the upper hand. It was one thing to let a male think he was in charge when I was in a sexual situation. Sometimes I wanted the guy to take the lead—I
wanted to play the damsel—and sometimes I didn’t. I wasn’t sure why, but in this case, I didn’t want one of us to have more power than the other. Okay, I didn’t want her to have more over me, I guessed. We were either going to be equals here, or I was heading back over to Street, where I knew the rules.

I grabbed her right back and we struggled, lips and tongues clashing. Toni made a sound in the back of her throat and all of a sudden everything changed, softened. She became pliable. It was my turn to stop and stare. Even her adversarial expression had gone. And the look she gave me make my pussy rush again, all heavy and tingling.

I stared at her mouth, plump and wet. I’d done that, I thought. I kissed her again, but the way I thought we should kiss. Soft and sweet. We didn’t have to be rough with each other. And oh, God, was it good.

From there, it was give and take. I slid my fingers delicately over the sides of her breasts and she did the same to me. My nipples hardened at the soft touch. I was too busy with my tongue in her mouth to know if hers pearled, so I reached with my thumbs, pleased to find that they were as stiff as mine felt. Then she circled my taut buds. I gasped as her touch sent a delectable shockwave straight to my pussy.

She seemed to know what I needed. Snaking her hands around my back, she gripped my ass and pulled my pussy against hers. Ahh, the pressure. It was just what I craved. I slid my hands behind her and did the same to her. We rocked against each other until she broke the hold to once again trail her fingers through my wet folds.

“You are so slick,” she whispered.

I wanted to feel her too. I ran my fingers back over her lips until I hit her glossy moisture. “So are you,” I said, on a half laugh. 

I ran my middle finger forward until I found her clit. She kept her eyes on mine as she followed the same action, finding my burning nub with her fingertip.

I started circling hers. She rounded mine. I watched her face as she enjoyed my touch, knowing that I was mirroring her pleasure.

Street’s weight sinking onto the bed signalled to Toni and me that he was going to join our little party. I knew what I was going to need shortly, and I wondered how we were going to work this out. We were short on male body parts and I wanted his dick embedded deep inside me. Although I was enjoying my encounter with Toni, I still needed to finish off with a man.

Hope you enjoyed the tease. I want to take a moment to thank Kayla, the master mind behind our weekly Monday hotness. Not only do her prompts give me a creative burst, they also always hold me spellbound. I like to watch them over and over and over again, especially the action .gif(s). I know you all do it too. I'd like to wish Kayla and all of the Masturbation Monday participants a Happy One Year Anniversary and thank you and our readers for all your love and support. Cheers!
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