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Always Cambridge
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

#MasturbationMonday Week 7 - Repeat Performance #erotic #excerpt

Masturbation Monday: Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of Masturbation Monday!

The Rules:
Write a steamy hot post on your blog about masturbation or anything else that gets you and your readers turned on.

Thanks to Kayla's prompt this week, which will transition right into a continuation of  last week's post. Though, this week from the male perspective. When we left off, our newly separated spouses, Miranda and Jordie had just experienced, a quick and unplanned romp. After which Jordie couldn't get away from his ex fast enough. But just before he leaves, Miranda throws down an invitational gauntlet that keeps Jordie on the edge of his seat, all work week long, in anticipation of the weekend. 

Jordan drove cautiously up the winding mountain road towards the cabin. Anxiety mixed with unwelcome excitement had his stomach tied in knots and his cock at half mast in anticipation.

Would she be there?

Visions of his soon to be ex-wife, Miranda, swam in his memory. His traitorous dick lengthened almost painfully as he relived last weekends impromptu romp.

Did he want her to be there?

No, he didn't, but apparently his cock had other ideas. He palmed himself then pulled at the knee of his trousers trying to readjust for the sudden constrictiveness in his crotch.

"Fuckin' bitch. How dare she do this," he said aloud, disgusted that she could so easily wind him back up. They were over. Done. There was no going back. So why was he in such a hurry to return to the cottage?

Impulsively, he pulled over to the side of the road. He jammed the shifter into park and rested his forehead on the steering wheel. This was insane. Stupid. He'd regret this. But he couldn't get the image of Miranda slinking around in her tight little white panties, out of his head. She'd come to the cabin last weekend just to fuck. She knew he'd be there. She’d sought him out. He'd made her admit it. The moment, he’d seen her there, he’d doubted his sanity. She was a dream, a vision in his open dress shirt. Her tits on full display. A fucking temptress. She knew exactly what he liked and she’d only come there to torture him. And he was helpless to fight it. He’d approached her, expecting her to fight and spit at him, but instead, she’d melted at his touch.

Tentatively, at first, he’d kissed her shoulders, moving to her full responsive breasts. She’d been a mass of quivering need. He'd fingered her rather roughly, but she'd loved it. She’d wanted it, practically begged for it. And that was all he'd intended to give her. The same kind of tease she’d obviously planned for him. Until she'd admitted she'd not been with any other man, since they'd broken up. It had surprised him. And weakened him. She'd mounted him and again, he’d been too weak to deny her.

Then after she'd used him to slake her lust, the little bitch had even had the nerve to ask him if he'd be there the following weekend. As if inviting him for a repeat performance.

Fuck her. "The crazy slut wants me more now than she ever did when we were together." He’d practically had to make an appointment to schedule sex, she was always so busy and focused on work. Then when she was home, she was 'too tired'.

He should just turn around and drive back home. Leave the horny little bitch hanging. Make her drown in her own need, like she'd done to him the entire week. Wondering. Missing her. Drowning in memories.

But it was their encounter at the cabin that had him confused. It had been different. She'd needed him. In a way she never had when they were together. 

"Vulnerable, that's what she'd been." Never a word he'd ever associated with his wife in the past. It was also something he didn't want to be on the other end of with her ever again. He'd been dealing with their break-up fairly well, he thought. The decision to split had been a mutual one. They were heading in different directions. Had grown apart. Her career was more important to her than their relationship. And he wanted more.

"Turn around and go home, Jordon." He looked up into the rear-view mirror and stared back at himself with steely determination. "You can find good pussy any where. Ya been there done that."

He manoeuvred a hasty u-turn and headed back towards town.

                                                                            * * * *  
Smoke billowed from the chimney, the earthy smell of burning wood filled the cool night air. She was here and he was an idiot for turning back around. His brain was clearly no longer involved in the decision making process here. But the thought didn't stop him from quietly entering the cabin, in an attempt to catch her off guard, yet again. It had proved beneficial last time.

After soundlessly closing the door, he turned and observed the living area. It was late. By now, she'd probably assumed he wasn't going to show.

He tip-toed past the half wall and glanced into the kitchenette. There were dirty dishes and an open bottle of red wine on the counter, but no sign of Randa.
A small moan from the bed room had him straining to hear more. Visions of what she might be doing to elicit such a throaty sound had him hurrying in that direction.

Surreptitiously, he peeked around the doorjamb into the bedroom.

 His heart stuttered, his breath caught and his cock surged. 

She was fully involved in a scene he had no part of. What did she need with him? She was doing fine, all on her own. His lovely ex was sprawled out on their bed, naked except for those damned white underwear. What was it about a woman in plain panties that turned him on? worked for him, always had. And no one wore 'em like, Miranda. She had one hand inside the little scrap of material, while the other cupped and massaged one full delicious breast. The tip of his middle finger tingled in memory of what it felt like to round that velvet clit.

Watching her masturbate was another one of his naughty pleasures. Although he’d rarely been given the chance. Did she know he was here? Watching. Was she putting on a show?

Her lips parted and she moaned again, a long deep, keening sound. He had to bite his lip to keep from responding. Reaching down he undid his jeans, his cock already reaching out of the waistband. He flicked his thumb over his slit, spreading the pre-cum around the tip before fisting his throbbing thickness, firmly. Slowly, he pumped his dick, up and down, fascinated by his wife’s every raw but sensual gesture.

All of a sudden, her back arched, curving off the bed, her nice round bum pressing into the mattress. The sound of her panting, filled the tiny room. The hand between her legs began a rapid rotation. Her stomach undulated. She was so close.

"Oh, Jordie, I wish you were here. Wish this..." she grabbed at her cunt and squeezed her tit, "...was you. Ahhh..."

She squirmed restlessly.

Gritting his teeth, he tugged his dick faster.

"Fuck!" Miranda screamed. The curse made him freeze in mid-stroke. It wasn't a climax-induced expletive. He was all too familiar with those.

"Nooo..." she cried, letting go of her boob and yanking her hand from working her clit. She slammed both fists against the mattress and brought her knees up. 

A sob sent a jolt through him, as he watched her turn over onto her stomach, her lovely bottom his focus now.

But as she wept into the multi-coloured quilt, he let go of his dick and lowered his hands to his sides. His shoulders sagged as he stared at her, at a loss. He'd never seen her like this. Even the night they'd decided to end things, she'd only shed a couple of tears. Whereas he’d been wrecked but he hadn’t let her know it.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," she muffled into the bed-cover. "I didn't know it would be this hard. If you were here...fuck, Jordan... I'd..." Her voice faded.

She'd what? She'd what!

He was torn. In his mind, he knew it would be in his best interests to back away, quietly let himself out the way he'd come in. She'd be none the wiser. Drive back to town and forget everything, including last weekend. They were over. It's what they both wanted.

But the same compulsion that drove him to turn back around towards the cabin prodded him now. With purpose he stepped into the room. His pants still undone, his cock partially exposed. He didn’t care.

"What would you do, Miranda," he demanded.

She gasped, sat up and spun in his direction. By the true surprise on her tear-streaked face, he was certain, she hadn’t known he was there. This wasn’t just a show. Blinking, she stared at him, her mouth hanging open. "Jordie," she said shakily, straightening her back, raising her pert tits. “How long have…”

"If I was here you would what?" he demanded, angrily.

"" Her eyes rounded as the realization of how long he'd been standing there finally dawned on her.

Patience gone, he neared the bed and grabbed the back of her head, gripping her long dark hair roughly. Her shocked gaze shot to his. He stared at her, fuming. She was tearing him in two. He hated her for it.

"What would you do?” He jerked her head back. “Make it up to me?" he yelled, suggestively looking between her and his cock.

Her dark eyes lit and she scurried to the end of the bed, her bare tits bouncing in her haste. It was when she hesitated that he knew he had her right where he wanted her. For once, he had all the power. Was it his anger she was responding to? He’d been pissed last time too.

"Suck it, Randa. Suck my cock." He gripped his shaft and aimed it for her full lips. Her gaze left his, landing on his straining dick. She licked her lips then opened them, ready to accept him. Without thought, he thrust his hips, driving his cock into the warm wet recesses of her talented mouth. He kept hold of the back of her head, controlling the tempo, fucking her mouth, bumping the back of her throat with every lunge. He didn’t care if he hurt her, he didn’t care if she choked.

It was beyond fucking amazing, looking down on her dark head, bobbing, her cheeks hollowing as she drew back on him. Her eyes rolled and fluttered. He'd seen that look before, enjoyed those sounds. She was getting off on this. It wasn't a chore.

"Stop!" He pulled her hair, dislodging her.

She stared up at him, her gaze darting uncertainly, her lovely lips shiny and swollen from his rough use. He fisted his other hand to keep from reaching out and smoothing her lower lip. No, he was certain, any sign of weakness or empathy would shatter whatever precedent he’d set here.

In an attempt to break his hold, she shook her head side to side. But he held firm, even gripping her hair close to her scalp, where he knew it would hurt. She opened her mouth, silently offering to take him back in.

He stifled a chuckle. Had he just unravelled the secret to keeping his wife interested? He gave her hair another vicious pull then dropped her carelessly.

As much as it killed him, he stepped away from her and with major discomfort and some difficulty, he tucked his aching cock back into his pants and attempted to zip up. It was a lost cause. He pulled his shirt over to cover himself.

"No...please..." she knelt on the end of the bed and reached for him, her long fingers grasping, her expression begging for him to return. "Let me finish. I'll make it good."

With more willpower than he knew he possessed, he sidestepped her and walked to the bedroom door. At the threshold, he turned back. The look of bewilderment and perhaps even a hint humiliation, marred her generally flawless and regal features. The usual arrogant self-assuredness, she wore like a badge of honour, fell away. It was what had attracted him to her in the first place and what ultimately drove a wedge between them. For once she needed direction.

The image she made, legs folded underneath her, her breasts, rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath, her nipples hard, her skin flushed, her hair a tangled mess from his misuse—it was something he would never forget.

"Next weekend," he snapped the order, "You'll be here." He pointed down at the floor where he stood.

He didn't wait for a response to his statement but turned and strode to the exit.
Jordan made sure to slam the door on his way out.

Back on the road driving home, he couldn't help but grin to himself. He had the most empowering feeling coursing through him. He even resisted the urge to jerk off and find that much needed release. No, he would use that craving to pad his resolve. Their relationship had just shifted. To what and where it might go—he didn't know? For now, it didn't matter. What he was certain of—beyond a shadow of a doubt—next weekend, Miranda would be there, waiting for him.

                                                              ©H K Carlton 2014

I hope you enjoyed the continuation of last week's post, The Weekend, I think I'll call it. Don't forget to checkout the other M-M authors and bloggers over from the linky list over at Masturbation Monday Central

Happy M-Monday!

Friday, 17 October 2014

#MySexySaturday Famous Last Words...#excerpt from Running Book 2 #AlwaysCambridge

A Sexy Thriller ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthor

Welcome to the 64th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is a sexy thriller. We’re talking about well…thrillers…like those commonly seen in mysteries or suspense or even zombie books where the heroine and hero are thrown together for whatever reason. They could be a likely or unlikely pair. You decide. 

This week, a snip from Running Book Two in the Always Cambridge Series and the unlikely pairing of, Special Agent Alex Orton and his lovely informant, Holly Cambridge.  

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood, violent teen years, into adulthood, and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge. 

* * * *
It’s been three years since anyone has seen or heard from Holly Cambridge. But when she surfaces, she doesn't return home to the loving arms of her family. Instead, she heads straight to the FBI offering information that will destroy the Cambridge crime family.

Special Agent Alex Orton sees Holly Cambridge as nothing more than the next commendation standing between him and the ultimate promotion. What he doesn't bargain for is the shy, damaged, but feisty little woman that convinces his superiors to let her infiltrate a rival family, with Alex heading up the mission.

Holly and Alex clash at every turn, but Alex is intrigued by Holly’s sharp mind and boundless courage and must constantly fight his burgeoning feelings for his lovely informant. Alex is a strict disciplinarian of the rules and can’t reconcile the girl who can’t play by them.

As Holly carries out the sting and insinuates herself into the enemy’s camp, she develops a close and common bond with the middle Mayhue son, the exotically good looking and charismatic Victor. The very man who could end her life, if he were to discover her secret.

Hands tied, Alex must stand back, for the good of the team, and watch the tragedy play out.


I captured her lips trying to engage her in a kiss that would be convincing to all interested onlookers. And I wanted Lorenzo Mayhue to see she was with me. She was mine. She was protected.

Holly kept her mouth closed. Her eyes were open and focused on mine. She looked terrified, as if she were more freaked out about kissing me than she was the mobster behind her.

“Kiss me back.” Placing my hands on either side of her face, I let my thumbs stroke over her smooth cheeks. “Don’t think about them,” I whispered against her mouth. She closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly. “Stop thinking and kiss me.” I let one thumb run under her full lower lip, coaxing her.

Those were the proverbial famous last words. She took my command of the kiss. Her lips parted slightly and she matched me. Our mouths plunged and plundered until I think we both forgot we were playacting or that dozens of people were watching.

I shifted, trying to keep her from my growing arousal. She stretched up on her tip toes trying to follow me. Her mouth opened wider and I stroked her tongue with mine. I ran my hands down her back.

“Enzo has left the parking lot.” I heard Wayne vaguely, when her nails grazed my back coaxing me to continue.
I wanted to swat at my earpiece like it was a pesky bug. In the beginning I’d been listening for the sound of the car leaving the parking area. Somewhere along the line I’d completely missed that.

“Uh…Alex…Mayhue’s gone. Ten-four?”

Follow the saga from the beginning... Always Cambridge

I hope you enjoyed this week's excerpt. Don't forget to check out all the other great snippets from the talented MSS authors in the linky list below.

Have a Sexy Saturday!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Author Interview with Meg Amor @amor_meg #erotica #romance #troika

Please welcome fellow MuseItUp author, Meg Amor

Aloha, Meg and thanks for submitting to what I like to call an author interview. So let's get down to it. Here we go:

 What was your favourite book as a child/teenager?

Oooh, tough question. I don’t know. There were so many to choose from. I loved the Enid Blyton Famous Five and then Nancy Drew series.

Who was the first author or what was the first book you read that introduced you to the genre that you most enjoy writing in?

Actually, no one. I wrote the books first then went back and read other authors. I was missing things in what I was reading. I didn’t realise at the time what a selection was out there. I suppose the first person I really read with the poly and male/male relationships was one of my favourite authors and also my writing buddy, Michele ‘Mikey’ Rakes.

Have you always been a writer, even from your earliest recollection? Has being published always been one of your goals? And if not, what made you take that leap to submit your work to potential publishers?

Yes, I’ve always written, but probably didn’t put it into a clear form until I was much older. I ‘published’ my first book when was 11, called This is my Life. LOL. It was about my parent’s separation and subsequent getting back together. I had no sense at all growing up what I wanted to be. I never hankered over anything anyone else did. By the time I was a teenager, I wanted to be a flight attendant. Mum thought I should have been a journalist, but I grew up in a household that didn’t do media, so the whole thing didn’t translate across. LOL. Also, I could think of nothing worse than doing ‘the News.’ Or intruding on someone’s grief or pain etc.

Is there a particular word you overuse or writing technique that your editor(s) ride you about?

LOL. I have a list of 130 words I overuse. I have to go through every MS before I submit it and knock them out. LOL. And I have to keep my swear words down and ‘blaspheme’ words because I write for an American market. New Zealanders culturally swear as part of their speech. And words like Christ or Jesus are just everyday exclamation words. They have no real religious connection for NZers.

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? (Or do you even believe in it?) If so, how were you able to overcome it?

I’ve had patches of not feeling like writing, but that’s not really block. I know when I’m blocked, I usually have the story going in the wrong direction or something else is off. It’s boring or the storyline doesn’t work. Or I’m trying to make the characters do something they don’t want to do. If I let my guys run and do their own thing, it works out much better for everyone concerned.

If you could bring one of your own characters to life, who would it be and why?

Charlie. He’s my ideal man in many ways. Actually Henry and Charlie. I’d like to combine them into one man, for the same reasons. They encompass everything I want in a man. Highly emotionally intelligent, can talk, communicate, have intelligent discussions, sexy, sensuous, kind, gentle, funny, fun, loving, caring, big hearts…the list goes on.

What are you reading right now?

My own books because I’m editing. LOL. But I read a mix of things. I just finished the latest Colin Cotterill set in Thailand. Gorgeously funny. I’ve also become a really keen male/male romance fan lately. I like to wind down at the end of my night with reading. So, I’ve been downloading samples from Amazon and now have a pile of books I want to buy when I get some doleroes. I also just finish the extremely beautiful Older Man Younger Man by Joseph Dizpensa. What a heartfelt true love story. That one really touched my heart enormously.   

When you read, do you prefer a stand-alone or a series?

I’ll read anything, as long as the characters and setting grabs me. But a series is great, because if you liked the characters, you get to see them again.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Doing my own thing. Not marching to the sound of anyone else’s drum.

Do you believe in love at first sight? And if so have you ever been so afflicted? Did you do anything about it? (Did you go for it?)

Yes I do believe in love at first sight. I’ve been struck a few times with it. I always go for it.  I’ve had relationships with all of them. I think when you fall in love with someone on first sight, it’s because you’ve known them before from another lifetime. And it’s a bit of a bugger, when on a soul level, you know and love them, but on a present day human level, they don’t really work for you. Those soul connection relationships are the toughest. But I love the connection. That feeling of coming home to someone you know and who knows you in the ways that count. The real ways.
I like your take on this, Meg, that love at first sight happens because we've known the person before. I don't want to believe in reincarnation, because honestly, I don't wish to keep doing this over and over again. I'm tired and of a lot of life is not fun. But things keep happening, that make it seem not only plausible but also unavoidable. I have heard that in our live(s), the people who are around us, are always around us, but may take on different relationships to us within a lifetime. I so love the way you put it, that we are still drawn to these people but things are just not meant to work for us in this configuration. Unfortunately some of these soul connections can be downright painful, as you say, the toughest. It really makes sense. Thanks for the insight. You've really made me think and look at things a little differently.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

If I was braver, France. I love it. I love the way of life, the people, the attitudes. It appeals to the Bohemian intellectual part of me.  

If you were to do a reality show, which one would it be?

None. I can’t stand the reality shows other than say, The Amazing Race, but I’d never keep up. I could stand on the mat and be Phil’s New Zealand welcome person, but that might be my limit. LOL. He and I come from towns close together in the South Island of New Zealand.

What is the craziest, most exciting, or most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

God… I don’t know where to start with a question like this. They’re all so different. Craziest – the mad relationship I had with my airline pilot Kimo years ago. Most exciting – learning to fly a plane. Most dangerous – it wasn’t really dangerous, but highly exhilarating and slightly mind altering. Doing a fire walk with Stuart Wilde. 

Name a celebrity, athlete, musician, etc. you’d most like to get naughty with.

Morgan Freeman. He’s such a unusual and highly interesting man. Not to mention, incredible sensuous and sexy. He’s warm, vital, has a mix of male and female energy, but is strong in his opinions. He has young energy and an open mind. I think he’s fabulous.

What is your favourite way to promote or connect with fans?

I don’t know… I was on Twitter a lot but I think fb is more satisfying because you get to really have a decent chat with people and not in 140 characters. LOL.

The Quickies!

Favourite movie?

Top Gun. I have probably seen it a hundred times and that might be underestimating it. LOL.
Dream Vacation?

So many to choose from. South of France in the Luberon. Going home to Hawai’i. Bora Bora in Tahiti.

Dream Car?

I’d like another Beemer. This time a white 650-5 series, 4 door in the longer wheel base.

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

Ginger. We get that at home on the island. My American home state is Hawai’i. Kona, Big Island.

What can readers look forward to next?

I have a couple of things coming up. At Christmas I have my new m/f romance coming out called Saint Nicholas. A lonely New Zealand widow Daisy falls for Greek store owner Nicky Constantine, but it’s not just this lifetime they’ve loved each other.

Then in spring next year I have the first of my Troika love series trilogy being released, also with Muse It Up Publishing. Henry and Isolde is a deeply sensual, soul connected love story. Henry, an older black musician feeling he’s near the end of his days is surprised when his younger, richer, white New Zealander boss Izzy seduces him in the secret garden he built for her. Their love affair takes his life from fifty shades of beige to a rainbow of color, light and action, but most of all, feelings, he’s allowed to have. 

And finally. I have one new baby that I hope will be released in spring as well. Hawaiian Lei is a heartfelt soul connected, sensual love story. Two stunning Polynesian men, each experiencing existential crisis, meet and fall in love. They find healing against the beautiful backdrop of the mystical Hawaiian Islands.


Meg Amor ~ is the author of several sultry erotic romance stories about soul deep relationships published with Muse It Up Publishing.  Visit her website for upcoming books and Meg’s musings. 

Meg spent a lifetime as a therapist collecting fascinating unusual love stories. She loves to write about committed poly relationships and other romance mixes across the sexes.

A New Zealander who lives temporarily in California with her Ginger Ninjas cats, the American fur children, Leo Ray Jr. and Mr. Beaumont. Her heart and soul are split between the sultry Big Island of Hawai’i and New Orleans. You’ll find her in one of these places, soaking up the atmosphere. Aloha!


Thanks for being my guest today, Meg. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

#MasturbationMonday Week 6: Slippery when wet... #erotic #read

The idea: to share a steamy hot post about masturbation 
or anything else that gets you and your readers turned on.

Welcome to week 6 of Masturbation Monday!
And again this week, Kayla bats it out of the park with another inspiring image that most definitely got some juices flowing. Not sure if they were creative ones, but this one got me going and it's all good! :D 
Masturbation Monday 10-13-14

Miranda stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel from the rack. The cloth was a little small but would have to do. The cabin certainly wasn't stocked the way it once had been. She'd known that when she'd decided to make a hasty trip out to the woods. She'd packed only the essentials. The amenities weren't important. But getting out of the city and away from the responsibilities of work was too enticing a proposition to pass up. Even if just for a short time. No Internet. Intermittent cell signals at best. The office wouldn't be able to reach her even if they tried. A break was just what she needed.

She'd forgotten to turn on the fan. The tiny room had filled with steam. She swiped her fingers across the glass and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Reaching up, she was about to release the sloppy bun she'd fashioned to keep her hair dry. "Ahh, fuck it," she mumbled and left it. There was no one around to see her anyway.

Pulling on a pair of plain white panties, she was about to don the t-shirt she'd brought in with her, when she spied her ex's dress shirt hanging on the hook on the back of the bathroom door. Almost reverently she took it down and held it to her nose. The familiar spicy masculine scent brought tears to her eyes. The emptiness she'd been trying to suppress for weeks, finally took a firm hold. 

"Maybe coming here of all places wasn't a good idea after all." Some of the best memories she had of her defunct marriage, happened here, in the cabin. She wiped her cheeks, then pulled Jordie's shirt on. Leaving it unbuttoned, she made her way out to the living area. 

Miranda poured herself another glass of red wine; the second since she'd arrived. She took a big sip, then set the glass down. It was helping her relax. Maybe a few more and she'd actually sleep an entire night through. 

The fireplace had been cleaned and someone had readied it for the next lighting. Dry kindling and crumpled newspaper beckoned. She took the match box from the mantel and struck the long stick against the side. The flame caught. She bent and lit the edges of the paper. 

As the wood began to catch and the fire spread, she bent forward slightly and opened her palms to the heat.  

A tingle of instinctive cautious awareness shot over her right shoulder and up her neck. She was about to turn around when all of a sudden, she felt a presence at her back, right before two strong hands reached inside her open shirt and cupped her naked breasts. Alarm soon gave way to need when she noted the familiar firm touch. She closed her eyes and let her head loll back against his shoulder. 

"What are you doing here, Miranda?" he demanded. He stood so close, his menacing low voice reverberated through her back, but also sent a thrill through her. He continued to knead her breasts while cushioning his impressive erection against her tailbone.

"I didn't know you'd be here," she mumbled, pushing her tits more fully into his greedy palms, while pressing her rear-end backwards. 

He squeezed her boobs almost painfully. "Bullshit! You knew I'd be here. It's stated quite plainly in the paperwork that I'd be in residence over the weekends until we find a buyer for this place." He skimmed his lips up her neck, sending goosebumps over her heated skin. "Try again, Randa." 

She was having a difficult time thinking of any legitimate excuse. 

With his chin, he nudged the shirt from her shoulder, peppering hot kisses in its wake, as it slid down her arm. Her knees grew weak. A wet rush dampened her panties. 

Abruptly, he released his hold on her breasts. But she soon realized he only meant to divest her of his shirt completely. It floated to the floor at their feet, forgotten. From behind, he gripped her breasts once more, his fingers biting into her tender flesh.

"Is this what you came for?" He opened his hands using his palms, rounding her nipples into two hard aching nubs. The sensation sent shooting pulses of pleasure straight to her pussy.

"You know what I like," he accused. "And here you are parading around in nothing but my shirt and a pair of scant white panties? You knew fuckin' well I'd be here."

All of a sudden, he spun her around to face him. His features were angry but laced with dark desire. An expression she hadn't seen on his handsome face in a long time. He didn't wait for a reply or even look at her to gauge her answer. He lowered his head and captured a taught nipple in his magic mouth. 

Miranda moaned and grasped his dark head holding him to her. 

To her surprise he went down on one knee, then the other, suckling her expertly. 

"Admit it," he demanded, releasing her swollen nipple. "This is what you came here for." He yanked her damp panties down to her knees. His dark eyes glittered in the firelight as his gaze roved over her bare skin. Her pussy tingled and her clit throbbed in anticipation. She wanted nothing more than to press her cunt against his mouth and demand his tongue. But she no longer had the right to ask anything of him. 

Her body thrummed with need. She could barely stand still. 

She did know what he liked though. He liked it when she touched herself. There was never a time when he could just leave her to it, he always had to get in on the action. 

With purpose, Miranda smoothed her hands slowly over her lower abdomen, making sure her fingers skimmed over her bare mound.

Jordie clamped his large hands on her hips. "You're keeping things neat and tidy here. Getting lots of 'newly single' action, are we?" His breath feathered across her tummy.

"No." She trembled under own touch and his scrutiny. "I haven't been with anyone... since you," she admitted truthfully. The thought of being with another man didn't appeal to her. Not yet. 

For a split second, he stilled, as if her announcement had surprised him. "Then admit it," he gritted through clenched teeth, his jaw tight. "You came here for this." He forced his hand between her thighs, plunging one thick finger roughly into her. She clenched her inner muscles, in an attempt to entice him to repeat the delicious action. But he pulled away, torturing her. She gripped her own mound, adding some much needed pressure. 

"Say it!" He stared at her hands as she moulded her flesh.

"I guess I'd hoped..." she hedged, weakly.

"Say it!" He all but yelled.

"Yes. I came here for this," she blurted, panting, almost dancing from foot to foot. 
To her delight, he replaced his hand between her legs. Running his fingers along her saturated crease, he thrust inside her once again. She bore down on his fist this time, encouraging him to stay. 

"Mmm," he groaned. "Slippery when wet." It was something he always used to say in the beginning of their relationship. He wiggled his finger. "There's nothing better." He began to prime her, in and out, driving her ever higher. His fist made slapping sounds as the evidence of her arousal dripped over his knuckles. He crooked his fingers to the front wall of her pussy and stroked, catching her g-spot. She curled her toes into the carpet trying to stave off the inevitable. "You're a horny little bitch, aren't you, my randy, Randa."

In the past, when he said things like that, it only served to piss her off, but for some reason the statement titillated her, sending another amazing jolt of sensation straight to her core.

Just when she thought she couldn't stand another minute of his sweet deep caress, he leaned forward and sucked on her sensitized clit, rolling his tongue around expertly. It sent her into intense pleasurable spasms. She bucked against his chin. But it wasn't enough. She wanted more from him.

Miranda pushed his head and his hands away and dropped to her knees. His dark gaze met hers as she gripped his belt. She unbuckled it clumsily. He didn't help her, but he didn't put a stop to her actions either. She took it as his assent.

Once she had his pants undone, she gave his shoulder a push, signalling she wanted him on his back. She was afraid to speak, just in case she broke the spell of this temporary ceasefire.

He put a hand down and lowered to the floor. Miranda didn't waste any time, she straddled her soon-to-be ex-husband. With her insides still soft and pulsing from her orgasm, she knew if she got him insider her fast, she could have another one. Just as good and as strong as the first. She wanted it. She missed this.

She held up his hot hard dick and rubbed the smooth head through her slick folds. She began to lower herself to him. He tensed and all but growled as she took him inch by torturous inch, until she hugged his entire pulsing length nestled deep.

Together, in a long ago perfected dance, they brought each other to a satisfying climax.

Once they'd calmed, Miranda dropped to Jordie's chest, then to his side. She ran her fingers over his chest, just as she used to. His firm pecs rose and fell as he caught his breath. He didn't touch her in return. Not even an affectionate comforting afterglow arm around her.

He rolled to his side and sat up with his back to her. He then gained his feet and fixed his pants. He reached a hand down to her and helped her up. But he didn't look at her. 

Feeling naked now, Miranda rushed to Jordie's shirt and pulled it on. By the time she turned back around he was almost to the door. Disappointment flooded her chest. 

"Where are you going?" her voice came out just above a whisper. 

"I'll leave you to it. I know how you like to come here to be alone and unwind."

He opened the door but before he could exit, she stopped him. "Jordie?"

He paused his head dipped as if in impatience, but he didn't turn in her direction. "Yeah?"

"Will you be here next weekend?" she asked, perhaps pathetically.

"Will you?" he countered.

"Yes," she choked.

"We'll see," he answered, closing the door behind him. 

©H K Carlton 2014

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

#NEWRelease Sir and Babygirl Bound by Love @KaylaLords #BDSM #eroticromance

NEW from Kayla Lords
Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love 
                                                sequel to The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl

Book Blurb:

In the second set of adventures, Sir and Babygirl's relationship, built on a mutual love of kink and a need for the dominance and submission lifestyle, must move forward or stagnate. Can Babygirl set aside her fears of heartbreak? Will Sir convince his sweet submissive that he loves her completely? And just how many erotic adventures can these two get into as they navigate their growing relationship?

Find out in the sequel to The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl. This time, Sir and Babygirl are Bound by Love.


Babygirl arched her back and pointed her toes. The center of her body burned with desire. The phantom hands in her dreams became all too real as she realized Sir was the one driving her to the brink. His fingers stroked her pussy with a feather light touch. The sensations were delicate and sensuous bringing her body quickly to the brink of climax. 

She spread her legs wide, granting him complete access, but she was terrified of the burn building inside of her. Her body was so sensitive that even the light touches on her clit seared her and caused her to cry out from a combination of pain and pleasure. 

Her body shook as his hand mercilessly stroked her slit, harshly rubbing against her clit. He growled into her ear as she began to cry out, wordlessly. His hand moved faster than before, bringing her to the brink before -

“Please, oh God, please, Sir, please can I come? Please, please, please, pleasepleasepleaseplease.” Her whispered pleas became incoherent as she tensed every muscle in her body to prevent the oncoming avalanche of an orgasm.

“Come for me, girl.” His raspy whisper was hot on her ear. She threw her head back and convulsed around his hand, fluids gushing from her body in a climax that soaked her pajamas and the bed beneath her. Sir's hand never stopped it's movement. Now she could hear the evidence of her own desire. Wet, slurpy, squelching sounds filled the room as his fingers moved in and out of her. She felt the next orgasm building right behind the first. Wailing, she arched her back as she came again, liquid pouring out of her body.

Sir chuckled. “Keep on squirting, Babygirl. I intend to wring you dry before I take what's mine.”

She gasped as another wave of pleasure crashed over her. Writhing under his hand, she squealed through gritted teeth, terrified of making too much noise and more afraid of coming apart at the seams. Her hips lifted off the bed, bucking as her pussy clenched in one teeth-jarring, body-wracking orgasm. Every muscle contracted as her body convulsed. Finally spent, she collapsed into the soaked covers, breathing hard, unable to move a muscle.

“My turn.” She couldn't miss the satisfaction in Sir's voice.

He flipped her on her side as if she was a ragdoll. Not that I can move on my own. I'm boneless. He pulled her hips against his pelvis. Babygirl arched her back and lifted her top leg, giving him easy access to her swollen opening. In one smooth move, he entered her and began thrusting. The feel of his hips meeting her bottom made her close her eyes in sheer bliss.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...” At this angle, he was hitting the exact perfect spot. If he kept it up, she would come again.

With one hand, he dug his fingers into her hip with enough force to leave bruises later. His other hand wound its way through her hair. Between gasps, Babygirl purred at the feel of his hands on her body.

“Eeeek!” Sir grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. Her scalp burned from the force of his grip. Her breath was restricted slightly, causing her to rasp with each thrust into her soaked pussy.

He growled deep in his throat and began to fuck her faster and faster, thrusting in and out at a blinding pace. She could feel his sweat-soaked chest against her back. She gripped the sheets in a futile attempt to brace herself. Letting go of her hair without a word, he pushed her head into the mattress, forcing her down. Tightening his grip on her hips, she cried out in pain and pleasure, knowing without a doubt she would bare his mark before they were done.

“Touch your clit, girl.” His voice was ferocious even though he ground the words out through clenched teeth in a raspy whisper.

In her current position, it wasn't easy to get her left hand down to her clit, but she managed. The moment she touched herself, she screamed into the mattress as she exploded. She heard Sir chuckle behind her.

“Yeah, I like to feel that pussy clench around my cock. Again, girl. Don't fucking stop.”

Although she was painfully tender, she continued to stroke herself as he ordered. Every time she climaxed around his cock, he grunted. Without a word, he yanked her head up by her hair, forcing her head back at the same painful angle.

“I'm going to fill you with my seed, girl. That's what you want, isn't it, little slut? You like being my fucktoy...”

With each word Sir thrust harder and faster until she felt him stiffen behind her, every muscle contracted as he groaned the last word out. She could almost swear she felt the hot jets of fluid shooting into her body. He held her in place until the end. Shuddering, he lay back against the bed, panting as if he'd just run a race. Smiling to herself, she clenched her pelvic muscles, loving the way he gasped with each contraction, milking his body for every drop of his essence.

They both lay in silence, breathing hard as they recovered from the vigorous fucking. After a moment, feeling their combined juices trickling out of her body, seeping into the crack of her ass and the sheets beneath them, Babygirl rolled over and wrapped an arm around Sir's chest.

“Thank you, Sir. I didn't think you had the energy for this tonight.”

“Tonight? Babygirl, it's four in the morning, and I feel fine.” Babygirl giggled at his teasing tone.

“I think I like being woken up this way, Sir. Much better than a boring old alarm clock.”

“I'd like to think being used as my personal fucktoy is better than any other method.”

Sir looked down at her, waiting for a response, and found her drifting off. “Sleep, Babygirl. I'll wake you up again in a few hours.”

“Mmmm, I sure hope so, Sir,” mumbled Babygirl. She sighed with pleasure and fell back asleep.

Author Bio:

I discovered my love of writing at age seven and my sexual fantasies by age 13. It took a divorce and re-entry into the dating to world to find my sexual power and voice. I am a sexual submissive in the BDSM lifestyle which is not as extreme and terrifying as it may first appear from the outside looking in.

I write BDSM-themed erotica with a focus on dominance and submission (D/s). I not only want to turn my readers on, but I want them to realize that D/s is more than just a kink and isn't scary or degrading.
A blogger, tweeter, and talker, I love interacting with my readers as much as possible!

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